Everything happens. . .

Everything happens for a reason. . . 

I have been cleaning, dealing with some stress and personal issues. It has pushed my writing back. I have managed to get some writing done here and there, but the it’s only been pieces of it. (Pieces are better than nothing, I agree.)

However with all of this spring cleanings, I might get five or ten minutes here or there. . . it depends on which room I rest in on whether, I just chill, write, or get on the Internet. Obviously, I am on the Internet right now. And I have tumblr account. . . connected to this account. . . https://www.tumblr.com/blog/rebekah1213

Anyway, I was updating my tumblr and a picture an newish actor came on my homepage. . . and now I know who I can use as the inspiration for my old “Poe” Character. He has to get a make over . . . I have changed his name, some of his personality, and some of his look. . .  As have mentioned in previous blogs. . . https://rebekahquinne.wordpress.com/2016/04/21/rip-poe/

Anyway, so I am excited again. . . I plan to get some inspiration, write some note, get motivation and work on Book 2. . . Yay!

So I was supposed to clean crazily for two weeks. . . to find him (Note: I will not reveal my inspiration, because of people like Ellen Page who has issues over people admiring and using their likeness in stories and video games. All I will say is he is in a comic movie and he is a newish actor.)

Weekly Goals. . .

My weekly goals

  1.  To finish my character journal
  2. To finish the several scenes I am working on.
  3. To get all of my Book 2 notes together
  4. I want to read Misery
  5. I want to read The Hunger Games


I’m not worried about word count. I just want to write and read something everyday.

Reading Rainbow

When I was a kid, I used to love the show Reading Rainbow. . . I am going doing a version of it today. . . but for adult books.

I have been reading as well as working on several of my vampire pieces.

I am reading the paperback cover of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. 

I am a paranormal, horror, occult writer. . . popular authors that I am into are Anne Rice and Stephen King.




I also highly suggest. . . 

Dani Hoots I love her world of vampires.


Lucian Wilde. I even participated in his novel “The Wishing Well”


“The Fool’s Journey” by Kristina M Jackson



Over Writing

I am working on pieces of my vampire series that I am pretty damn sure will not end up in the novel. Some writers would say that I am wasting my time with it, because I am not working on the direct novel.

However there are pieces that will end up in the novel. . . they are essential for my character and the story line. . . the piece I am working on is like a blog and outline for my character.

I know there important part of the first draft is to get the story written. . . to get the idea out of the head and on the screen. . .

So is it better to over write and cut later or just write basics and add later?

I guess it depends on the writer. . . 

True Balance Life Vs Writing

I swear always once I get started (the writing process) and have my character talking a mile a minute. . . life always happens. We had a extended family emergency, so have we have been helping out. I am not expecting anything back, I just hope that those who need something tomorrow (funeral). . . will get what they need. (Whether it is food, a tissue or simply a hug.)

This concept brings me back to balancing things. . . . writing vs life. I understand you need to go through experiences to make you a better person, but I wish I had time to write. (I really wish I didn’t have to sleep.  I think it’s a waste. However I understand why health wise we need it.) I just wish there were more hours in a day, I guess.

It’s all a time management thing. . . I just wish I was instantly inspired during the hours that I try to schedule to write. Only in an ideal world right?

Well, I am taking time for me now and try to get some fiction out of me.

Losing Distractions

Yay! I am down two distractions, and I am limited my third biggest issues. . .

April 21st Experience project ended. . . which was a huge distraction for me. I have noticed that I have written and focus so much since it’s gone. I do miss the chatting.

I love to chat online. In real life I am a very shy person, but online I am very social. I can be a chatter bug. I have several friends online, and we usually just past quick notes back and forth.
Anyway, I was chatting with this guy for 13 weeks, everyday. I really liked this guy. I was excited to chat with him and I would get impatient until he got on. He occupied most of my thoughts. (I will leave his name out for his own privacy.) All of my story ideas were of us (him and me). . . my muses were getting flustered, my character were getting bored.
Then we fight, he confesses to lying about a bunch of stuff. . . and my story ideas, my hopes with him, and my trust were all shattered like a baseball through a window.
I tried to make things work with him, as he acted like nothing happened, but I just could not get it out of my mind. (I will NOT be into a liar.)
So now my night are more open for my writing. I am very excited. . . I have totes full of notebooks that need to be on my computer. It the past two days I have read 23 pages, and written over 1600 words.

The main distraction is the Internet (blogs, twitter, e-mail, and facebook). I think I am going to limit my Internet time to no more than 90 minutes a day. I know this is going to be a challenge. I guess I need to be like Barney (from How I Met Your Mother) Suit Up and say “Challenge Accepted!”