Flash Fiction: Eatable Anticipation

Back story: I am have several other hobbies besides writing. Cooking is one of them. I am a huge fan of Marcel Vigneron. I found some pictures and this what inspired me. This is a fictional flash piece.  I have not been to his new restaurant WOLF yet. I want to . . . imagine what I could write about after I taste it.


Flash Fiction: Eatable Anticipation.

By: Rebekah Quinne


He searched and pondered to find a small piece of an exciting hope, of pure inspiration. . . He needed just to find a color, a smell, a single moment in which a spark of pure stimulation would help him to create artistic food that appeals to all of the senses.

He walked into the golden field to fall away from the pressure to simply to be one with nature. He wanted to connection with life of his food in hope his muses will bless him with the special touch. The wind blows just so lightly and it hit him . . . Use all of the food, and let it speak for itself.


He desired to tell the ultimate story with his food. He wanted his customers to never forget the moment that they did not just see art, but tasted it. He wanted them to have an experience with the food, not just another simple meal.

He wanted them to fall in love with the entire wholeness of each protein, vegetable, and fruit. He wanted them to experience the beauty of the colors for what they are . . . to see the pureness in the roots, the swipe of the stunning juice of the blushing vegetable.  He wanted them to allow their palette to dance with the taste while the scent teased.


The circular lights may dim, the laughter may fade, but the realness of the experienced senses will be remembered. . .

Check out WOLF https://twitter.com/wolfdiningla

Stuck. . . and it Sucks.

I have been trying to write every day. However there a just time I feel jammed . . . . trapped . . .  Blocked.  I feel as stuck as I am when I play Sonic The Hedgehog in the casino level and I keep getting stuck in the bouncy valleys.


I feel like I see these ideas on the mountain. . . they are the top just toying with me: they are teasing me, haunting me. They wanted me to climb and get to them. . . . I want to write them. I want to be at the top looking at the view, facing my fear of heights, and just writing for hour and hours of undisturbed, not distracted time. 
However I am stuck.. . . it’s raining, and pieces of mountain are falling at me. Sometimes, I think the boulders knock me out whether it’s for a moment, hours, or even days. . . Sometimes the idea is still there, sometimes not.

Another issues. . . I get distracted at the bottom of the mountain. . . I find flowers or a river . . . maybe even a strange hiker.

Yes, this is all a figurative, of course. I feel like my writing, muses, inspiration is all  stuck on a mountain. How do I get to the top? How do I get back to my writing? How to get from being stuck?

Show N Tell SHHHH

First of all, I must give this idea credit to Diane Nebelung https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009995013517&fref=nf

She has a several writing groups on facebook. I know I am in a few.

When I got up this morning, I had no idea that I would be learning and working on my weakness. . . Show Vs. Tell. However I am glad that I am.


Some things I learned. . .

“When writing a novel, keep these guidelines in mind to achieve a balance of showing and telling:

  • Be brief. Make sure that all of your “telling” details are actually necessary to advance the plot, either by developing backstory, establishing the mood/tone, or describing the setting.
  • Avoid the dreaded “info dump.” Don’t overwhelm your reader with information in your story’s first few pages. Focus on capturing her attention with a compelling character and an interesting situation, then fold in the details as the plot develops.
  • Steer clear of cliches. Never start a story with a character waking up and starting his day—unless you want to put your reader to sleep.” Diane Nebelung

You need to read. . . familiar authors and pieces from your genres.

I mention that when I write the first draft, I probably tell 95% of the time. However when I edit, I reread and rewrite scene three to twenty times to add more show in it. (Many agreed with me on this. . . first draft is like coal. . . it takes pressure, editing, and tweaking to make a diamond.)



Advice: “Be true to yourself, your readers and your characters. Show us what we need to see, and tell us what we need to know, to make your world as real as you can. You create the mind movie for us to watch, and that can involve both forms of story telling.

Read more from your favorite authors, and you will find your own style and blend of story-telling will come to life.” Dusty Grein https://www.facebook.com/dustygee123?fref=nf



Ex1. She longily caressed his face. (the adverb seems out of sorts here. Is there a way to describe it? )

I said “The smooth, cool skin of his cheek was more than she bear. Tears flowed from her eyes, she tried to hide them. It was no used. She could not believe she was face to face and touching her celebrity crush.”

Ex 2. Here is a nice boring sentence. Daniel walked down the street.

I said “Daniel ambled down the street, with no thought in his head but one. . . should he tell them?”




Some links. . .





Well . . . as I said before my ex is threatening me to change one of my character’s name. I did some research and I have decided to change it. (A lot has happened, and I thought I would be nice.)

So I have been researching names all over again to see what would go well with my character, and now I have a list. However I think I have decided. I will not announced it though, because I need to give some of my book mystery. (I also don’t want certain people telling others and then next I know I will have to delete the entire character. I will NOT do that; I will NOT delete that entire character! I like this character, and he is a vital part in the second book, which I want to start putting together soon.)


RIP Poe. . . You were an interesting character . . . and although my ex picked your name, I liked it. You were like a solider version of Edgar Allen Poe.
I feel like I am telling one of my favorite actors . .
“Sorry, things got complicated and we are recasting you.”

Or Telling my Characters. . .
“It’s not you, it’s me.” Fuck it, it’s not either one of us, it’s a selfish jerk, who only want credit for our work. (I know the jerk is sick right now, but I am know, if something happens, he going to make sure that someone is looking out for the name change.)

I just know that the name Thorsten (His human name), Torsten (His son’s name), and Poe (Vampire name. . . Thorsten and Poe are same character) has to go. I also know that the story is getting tweaked. I feel like I have to use my second string, because my first string got into damn legal trouble . . . and it wasn’t their fault. They were just holding for a friends. (Grrr, some friend.* rolls eyes *)
Maybe my second string is stronger and more bold, who knows. However, all I know is that I have change my game strategy/story all because I had to tweak this player/character.  (I mean: do you know how many notes I have to change, because of the name. . . hundreds. I have been working on this project since 2008. I guess I have some work to do. . .  wish me luck.)

Camp NaNoWriMo and Colds. . .

Okay since Sunday, I’ve had a bad head cold. . . and since last Thursday inner ear issues. . . It has been getting better. I have learned a few things. . . (LOL)

  1. It’s okay to write in between naps.
  2. Coffee is a fluid. . . keep lots of fluids.
  3. And people leave you alone when you are hacking up a lung (They just don’t want to get sick, I wonder why?)

On a serious note, I have been working on my writings when I can. I am not sure if I am writing every day for at least 75 minutes, but I am caught up on my word count so far. Yay!
However my cabin buddies aren’t every talkative. It’s okay more time to write.


New Surveys. . . April 2016 Part 1

I have to give credit where credit is due. . . One of my facebook friends Deborah Riley-Magnus who post a daily writing theme question. So I have collected the questions and made them into a survey.

Deborah Riley Magnus writes daily questions on her facebook site.  https://www.facebook.com/deborah.rileymagnus?fref=nf

I put them together and make a survey. Please give her credit if you use any of the questions.

This is April part 1, I hope to have Jan through March posted soon.

Author survey question of the day … When you know you will be writing a big scene, do you make a lot of preparation? Yes, I usually have pages of research, and many pages of notes plus sticky notes.
Research choreography for weapon battle? Yes, I research weapons, how fighter stand, what was common at the time of the battle.
Plan out the argument or conflict? Sometimes, depends on how big the fight is.
Prepare emotionally for writing that scene? Lots of coffee and chocolate. LOL

Author survey question of the day … When are you most productive as a writer? Writing and editing are two different things and I would best at two different times.
At the butt crack of dawn? I edit best then.
Mid-morning? I edit.
Afternoon? Good with sprint writing, or writing with notes.
Evening? Good with sprint writing, or writing with notes.
Or in the dead of night? Good for researching and outlining. I also usually take notes, unless my muses really push a scene.
When do the words flow most easily? Writing wise. . . muses work best between the hours of noon and 7pm. Of course that is when it is the hustle and bustle of the day.

Author survey question of the day … While writing, do you take meal breaks? I break for dinner, sometime lunch or breakfast.
Or do you eat at the keyboard? I have but I watch the crumbs on my keyboard.

Author survey question of the day … It’s a rainy spring day here. I want to laugh! Tell us about a scene you READ that made you laugh out loud. Please share the author and book title, too. The beginning of the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002MQYOFW/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?ie=UTF8&btkr=1 I found it entertaining where she was talking about her sister’s cat.


Author survey question of the day …Have you ever written a book so far out of your comfort zone that it still sits in a silent file or drawer? Yes, I have several project started and not finished because my muses lost interest or the topic was just not in my comfort zone.
A book in a genre or stylistic attempt you’re unsure whether you want anyone to know you wrote it? Hmmm, maybe romance.

Author survey question of the day …What’s your favorite part of being a writer? I love creating a new world and dealing with different type of characters.
The variety of things you can write? I write short stories, blogs, novellas and novels.
The ability to tell stories that make people think, or smile, or wonder, or rage? Yes, I think I have that ability.  At least I hope so.
Or is it the simple pleasure of finishing a story and knowing it all came from your imagination? I like when I create, but the first draft doesn’t always look like much. It’s like a piece of wood you are carving before the details and the sanding.

Author survey question of the day … Do you have slow writing doldrums and fast writing spurts in the course of writing the same book? Yes, I have some scenes that go so fast.
Do you try to smooth out the writing speed, or just roll with the muse? I try to roll with my muse. . . I have learned that planning and trying to direct the muses are hard to just let it roll.

Author survey question of the day … Where do you write? I write everywhere. I always have a notebook with me. You never know when an idea will strike.
Is it a different place from where you do other things like paying bills, marketing, social networking, online shopping, etc.? Sometimes. I do think sometimes my chores, errands, and online time distract me. However you have to pay the bills.

Author survey question of the day … Do you ever discover yourself deep in the personality and psyche of one of your characters? Yes, I feel like a little piece of me is in them. My muses knew that from the start.

Author survey question of the day … Of all the books you’ve ever read, which one influenced your writing the most … and why? Fictional book. . . The Hatchet by Gray Paulsen It was a book I had to read for school, but the images just have still stayed with me. I hope to do the same with my work. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002MBLU9U/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?ie=UTF8&btkr=1
Ten Little Indians (And Then There were None) by Agatha Christie I think some of the dark visions from that story still give me nightmares. It is one of the reason why I love thrillers and horror. I find her work amazing. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000FC1RCI/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?ie=UTF8&btkr=1
I also like Anne Rice, Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe etc.

Author survey question of the day … Are you a dream scribbler? Yes.
Do you keep a notebook and pen beside your bed? I am always within a reach of a notebook and pen.
Have these dreams actually ended up in a book you’ve written? Yes, actually several of my stories are from dreams.



I need to do it! (Write I mean)

I need to getting back into my constant writing. I come home from anywhere and 9 times of 10 I am now on my computer. My family thinks I am crazy or addicted or something. . .
They think I have my moments of being rude for going to my computer so fast, but they are constantly on their phones. . . so please.

However I get stuck on the Internet. . . EP, facebook games, twitter, and whatever else.

I am addicted to talking to my cute boyfriend when I can. (I love him to death and he is my greatest inspiration and distraction. . . go figure right?)

This weekend I have so much to do as well.

Help with cats
Clean my room
Talk to my babe
Clean Cat litter


Instant Inspiration

I posted a rant. . . How

I have to say that I enjoyed the pep talk I got from Satin Sheet Diva.(I really do appreciate the chat.)

Celebrate those 140 words; take the pressure of someone else’s “can” off of yours. Do what YOU CAN and then celebrate having gotten it done. If, with all that’s going on for you right now, you find that you are awake and motivated for just a few minutes, then write for that few minutes and move on with your day. It’s about YOUR best, not how you compare to someone else. I write when I FEEL like writing, I don’t force it, I don’t berate myself because I don’t ‘feel’ like it on the same schedule as someone else. You are a writer and you will get the story told. There’s nothing wrong with living life at the same time:-). Hope this helped. Hugs and sending you healing vibes.

By Satin Sheet Diva


I said. . . I really appreciate the stern but positive pep talk. I need to remember the race in the end is only with myself. It’s not like I am writing the exact same thing as the John Doe, and I have to get it out by yesterday.

It reminds me of this thing I hear in high school. . .

Don’t waste your time on jealousy. Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind. The race is long and, in the end, it’s only with yourself.

Wear Sunscreen

By Mary Schmich of the Chicago Tribune

http://www.planetgary.com/sunscreen.htm This is the link for the entire speech. I love it, but I keep forgetting about it when I need it.

I need to realize that whether I get 140 words or 10,000 words written it’s a victory. It is just that closer to the finish version of my book, story, or blog.
I just get so easily discouraged when I hear someone has their tenth book published with their third publisher. It makes me think I am not good enough.

The thing is I need to manage my time better. I have gotten lazy and just unmotivated. I need to find some inspiration and just dive in.

Again thank you Satin Sheets Diva for giving me a pep talk. . . for my other readers. . . check out her blog. (The link is below her quote.)


I want to know how do some of these working people do Camp NaNoWriMo with their busy schedule?
Yesterday, I had errands, and I have been dealing with female health issues. I was exhausted all day. I come home help out there and by the time I sit in front of my computer. I cannot think right.

I mean how do some of these people spit out 1,000 to 5,000 plus words with kids, husband, jobs, cleaning a house etc?
I can’t work at the moment, with my health issues, and yet I have the time. . . I’m just lacking the motivation and energy.
I love coffee, but if I drink after 6 pm, I do not sleep until 4 in the morning like a zombie.

I wish I could just constantly bust out 1,000 plus words at a day, so days I am lucky enough to get 140 words out.

Day 4

I should be at 6,000 words today, but I can home exhausted. First three days, I was doing so well. . . getting 4,587 by the end of day three.  However day four just make me stop. . . I felt like I hit an invisible brick wall.
It always gives me anxiety when I know I am backed up. I need a day that just lets me get caught up. I just feel so much pressure. . . clean the house, eat, sleep, do errands, clean the house. . . . this is driving me. I feel like the only time for me it at 11 pm to 3 am and then I sleep too late.

My average day

Get up (9, 10 am)
Take dogs out
Clean the bathroom (cat genie)
Get dressed
Feed dogs
Let dogs out
Feed Cats
Meds for cats
Errands maybe lunch
Clean the house
Let dogs out
Make dinner
Clean kitchen
Cat litter (down stairs)
Clean off table
Computer time if I can focus
Feed cats
Chat with my guy

I have hand written some things and typed them up. Maybe I should do that.