Tis the season. . . Aaaashhhooooo

It is really hard to work on writing when you’re eyes are puffy and watering like the Niagara Falls. 

They mowed the grass on Tuesday. Then today and Wednesday it’s been raining. My sinuses are going crazy. I’m either watery, nose running or so dried up that I’m getting migraines. 

My writer’s enemy next to writers block, my sinuses. 

If I can’t see, can’t focus, and can’t breath right, it’s really hard to write.

I hope I get my computer cord soon, and my sinuses calm down. 

Current events

Okay on my office  is a bed. . . That is itchy and sheets don’t fit right.

My writing tool is my mom’s tablet since my computer fell out of the window and busted. I have a back up computer, but I need to buy a power cord.

I have my pens and paper. . . They have never let me down. I did have to rewrite a few times, because of rip or spillage. 

My biggest problem is that some days I have all this energy and the next few days I’m down sleeping 12 to 16 hours a day. Why does this keep happening to me?

I’m writing just hoping to finish my novella and work on my many stories I have ideas for.

I finished chapter 6 out 10 on my novellas dances. I’m working on chapter 7 today. 

I color and play games like candy crush and pet rescue saga when I cannot focus on my writing. 

So much vs Sleepy Time

I feel like I am a chaotic tangled ball of yarn. . . I have all of these ideas entangled together. . . and with my not synced sleep or lack of sleep it has been hard to focus on one idea of the time.

All my muses wanted my attention today. . . I got about six hours of sleep in two choppy sessions, but it was enough to seem to have woken all of my muses from their deep vacationing sleeps. Introduction: My Muses. . .

I am happy I do not have writer’s block. I love having the extra time.  I think I am going to make a list and try to work as many projects as I can while my muses and I are awake enough to focus.

  1. Blogs: Personal/writing/Naughty
  2. Letters and e-mails
  3. Novella Chapter 6
  4. Diaries
  5. Finish Reading “Grey”
  6. Work on “foodie” project
  7. Short stories

However I need more sleep than six hours in two divided choppy cycles.

If you need me I will be working on some kind of writing. Yay. raw