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Hello. I’m Rebekah Quinne. I’m a horror, paranormal, and thriller writer.

Some background on me: I started to write for myself in fifth grade. Most of my favorite teachers are English teachers. They have always encouraged me to read and write and in doing so, I found of a love of writing. I mean while other kids were outside at recess playing kick ball or causing drama of who liked who, I was writing.  Even in high school, I always had extra note notebook and always had at least one writing project in my head.


Every writer has problems and issues. I fight my demons (my doubts) while I write. . . Common arguments. . .

“What is the point?”

  • The point is that I love to write. I can clean the entire house, make three course meal, do all of our errands in one day, and if I do not write, then I do not feel productive. My day is down when I have writer’s block for a day; but I feel I’m just wasting time if I have several days of writer’ block. I feel like there is a void of me, if I do not write.
  • It is my escape. Sometime a day is simply boring: you get up, get coffee, work, come home, clean, sleep and do it all over again. When I write, I can do anything: mountain climb, fly, have a pet shark etc.
  • I’m a story teller, and I always have a story to tell. I believe I was a bard in another life (I am also musically inclined). I am creative and love expressing myself with all art, especially writing. When I write, I am god: I love to create characters, worlds, problems, and drama. I decide if the day is sunny, if there is tornado, or if one of my characters falls in love, or even dies. I love having the creative control.
    I also put myself in my creation, each character I make has some element of me. So in some way, by reading my work, you are seeing into pieces of my soul.


 “You’re not good enough!” They fight that I will never be like Stephen King, Anne Rice, J. K. Rowling etc.

The truth is you never know until you simply try. I have no idea if I’m truly good enough until I write, edit, and get my books out there.
The best thing I can do is simply try. I cannot hit a homerun, unless I get up to the plate.


“You’re only going to get rejected!”

I had a good friend of mine told me that I had get my work out there. He had been rejected several times, but I knew his work was good. You just have to dust off and reapply to someone else.

Stephen King’s Carrie got rejected over 10 or 30 times (I hear different numbers.)

J.K. Rowling was rejected 12 times with Harry Potter.

Anne Rice was rejected 5 times with Interview with a Vampire.

Here is a link of many authors that and even the greatest books have gotten rejected.



“You write too much!”

Ha. Ha! There is NO such thing as a writer writing too much! I know even if I overwrite, I can always cut down in the edit.

There is not enough time in the day to get out all of the things that are in my head.


Just a few pieces of advice. . .

  • I get easily distracted, especially by the Internet. So when I want to write, I try to go to place with no wifi or I turn my wifi off.
  • During moments when I am struggling on a scene, I simply go to a scene in which I want to write or I start with a strong scene. I used to think that I have to write book from beginning to ending, but that is not how my muses work. Sometimes I get pieces, and I have to rewrite scenes to make the pieces work.
  • As much as I like to write alone, I have learned that writing in a group or with a partner can be just as much fun. I have several friends that have kept me creative, taught me how to write decent twists, and how to be a better person and better writer. I love playing RPGs and role-playing online with my friends as they keep my mind working and my ideas fresh. So I cannot say that my writing process is completely solo. I also ask my friends for opinions on scenes or chapters in my novels, as I feel they are going to be honest with me. I appreciate that I have creative and honest friends who encourage my writing.
  • My other suggestion is read, especially the genre you are writing. It can be inspiring and it can show you want publisher want.
  • I agree with Anne Rice write about what hurts and what pleasures you. http://youtube.com/watch?v=bw2KXX7WrOY


Writing is every day journey in which I have greatly enjoyed—I have killed a lot of pens and used a pages, but I feel the world needs more readers, writers, and storytellers.

I hope with my stories, I can make the future readers laugh, cry, be entertained, and most of all, turn the page.

Please enjoy my blog: I keep update on here of my writings and I have links to all of my blogs and other works.

Please keep reading and enjoy.

Rebekah Quinne.









Just Write It Down. . .

I keep getting these moments . . . that hit me like a frying pan to the face. It’s like every part of me is saying “DUH” at the same time. (And usually they happen in the shower . . . weird, I know.)
This was another moment I realized instead of being insecure and fearful and stuck. . . I should write about it. I should write about the moments where fear has me in the throat and I can’t focus. . . I should force myself and write about exactly what is happening. . .

I can write and overcome the fear or let me be a victim and eat me alive. I should not let it be a “Voldemort” (JK Rowling). . . I need to be like Harry Potter and face my enemy, face my fear! If I let my insecurities rule me, I will never get out and live life. I need to overcome those things that find the shadows of my thoughts, and I need to beat the darkness creeping into the hope that I have. I need to focus on the light and positive.

When I am upset, feeling insecure, or just afraid, I am going to write about it. . . who knows I can twist it and use it for one of my paranormal characters.

For example: I am afraid I will be alone. I seek male friends, maybe for more. However I afraid of getting hurt.  Therefore I sabotage the possibility of bliss so I would not get my heart broken again.

I tell him yes. I tell him stop. He sends me a confused smilie. He says he likes me. I say it back, but I am not sure of anything, I just do not want to lose the moment. The moments add up, after a few days, I really do think I like him. Do I like him or is it just of the feeling of being liked? He stops talking, I get worried. I start to freak out with many bad thoughts flooding my head. . . does he like others? Am I just a number? Is he who he says he is? Is this all just a dream? Am I really pretty like he says? 
Still nothing from him, just silence. . . no ringing sound, no replied message. . . Did I say something wrong? I’m confused. Did he just want one thing? Did he already get that? From someone else? Is he married or with a girlfriend? Am I just filler? 
Then he says “I miss you.” It’s like all the thoughts are melted away if for only that second.