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Writing is my number 1 passion. I write short stories, poems, novels, and blogs. Genres I’m interested in are but not limited to . . . Horror, paranormal, occult, spiritual, romance, modern, suspense, thriller and drama. (I have worked with some erotica, but with another pen name.)

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My Bliss and Camp NaNoWriMo

There is something about sitting at my computer and just typing.

Sometimes I have my music on and just let my reality slip away.

The moments in which I focus on my characters and stories. It’s great!

It’s my bliss. . . I miss it.

I miss how I can just escape and yet create.
I am just so distracted and fighting pain whether it’s physical or mental. . .
I keep giving myself stupid excuses not to write.

I need to really write soon. I am trying my best to do Camp NaNoWriMo in July.

I have carpal tunnel and its very common with writers. I am supposed to get surgery, probably by end of the year or beginning of next. I’m just very worried and scared that my hand will be worst or not work as well once they do the surgery on it. However I drop pens, I dropped the pan the other day, and my fingers are throbbing, achy or just tingly numb.. I just want to write without dropping pens.

I want to be able to write and work on NaNoWriMo without so much pain.

I am not giving myself a huge goal this July on Camp NaNoWriMo. . . Just 20,000 anything over that is bonus.

I have four doctor appointments. . . my hands, ankles, and eyes are my biggest issues.

My NaNoWriMo profile

Try to Focus

I decided to put Facebook aside and focus on me and my love of writing.

I’m just really intimated by all of the author’s claiming them publishing their 2nd, 5th, or even 10th book.

I have books finished, but I just can’t get the guts to finish editing them.

I think it’s my fear of being rejected. I’ve just been stood up at least two dozen times, and rejected finding a better place to live in the last five years, so I can’t be rejected by my writing too.

So, I have decided to focus on simply my love of my writing for the rest of this year.

  • No pressure of goals
  • No extreme word count
  • No pushing having to finish the novels

Just simply writing.

Once I’m in a better place, I will tweak and edit.

Hopefully, publish them one day.

Distraction and excuses

I’ve had writer’s block since March 2020, maybe a bit earlier. I have been giving myself excuses not to get things done.

My first excuse is my health.

  • Exhaustion, even sleeping with my CPAP, everyday, I’m still tired. (I’m just so drained in this location. I’m also so tired after cooking, cleaning, and doing errands, even with coffee, but vitamins help a bit.)
  • Depression and anxiety, my inner demons causing an inner doubt.
  • Gout, it’s hard to focus with extreme pain.
  • Carpal tunnel, my hands have been tingly and very painful. It’s hard to write when I keep dropping the pens.

My distractions is an excuse all on it’s on. My distractions are…

  • Games: candy crush, words with friends, kitten match etc.
  • Lack of focus or scattered focus. (My head is all over the place.)
  • TV (same shows, but they pull me in to like a zombie state.)
  • My family in the same room talking or constantly asking what I’m doing every five seconds.
  • YouTube (I’m interested in the general tarot readings, music, and my favorite actors.)

I need to get inspired, motivated, and more focused on my writing. I miss it. Writing stories is my Bliss!!!

I Did It!!!!

I gave myself a goal to reach 30,000 words for Camp NaNoWriMo.

I reached it with six days left. I still have more of my project to type.

I am seeing my doctor next month, because I honestly believe I have carpal tunnel. I have had throbbing, numb, and tingly fingers for almost the entire month. I finally got a brace and have been using it for the last week.

Even with numbness and tingles, writing is still my bliss.

I have also been coloring and I post my pictures on my Instagram.

Things I have learned (so far)

I have been editing on two projects (technically, three projects if you count my therapy as well.) And I have learned a few things this month.

  1. I need to keep my goals more realistic. (I have been fighting depression and heal issues and with my other responsibilities, I have to make sure some things get done before I can edit. My original goal was 60 to 75 editing hours, I will be thrilled with reaching 50 hours by March 31st. I’m so close to at 45 hours and 20 minutes.)
  2. As I have said before, editing is more work to me, and I need to really be focused. It can really strain me. (However if I enjoy what I am editing, it’s not so bad. I have been easily distracted, grrr.)
  3. When I edit, I have to have a reason to add, subject, or simply change something.
  4. There are so many rules for commas. They can change the meaning of the statement.
  5. Semi-colons and colons can be tricky. I like to use them a bit for lists, and to make two simple statements a bit more complex.
  6. Writing is my bliss. Even just a simple blog like this.
  7. I think it’s best for my brain and happiness, if I can somehow rotate my writing and editing.

I am excited as I hope to work on a few projects with Camp NaNoWriMo in April and work on a walking program/schedule. I need to balance my computer work and get some exercise.

So my goal for today, dinner is in the crock pot (BBQ pulled ribs), get coffee, edit a few hours, and work on my other blogs.

Editing Update 2

First of all, my living situation has not been the greatest, but I have made the best of it.

Secondly, formatting issues with has me reediting my friend’s piece from the beginning. So far so good. (I am trying to edit her piece at least one day each week next month, even with Camp NaNoWriMo.)

Thirdly, between migraines, eye issues, and sinuses, I have pushed my way through.

I had a goal of 60 to 75 hours of editing but 11:59pm March 31st.

Editing hours: I have less than six days, and I am up 39 hours and 40 minutes. I do not think I will reach 60, but I will try to make at least 50. (Which was the original goal of NaNoEdMo)

I’m taking today off due to a horrible headache, and I have to get some errands done. I need more coffee.

(Just a side note, just because I am at the computer and it looks like I am reading or reorganizing it does NOT mean I am NOT working, goofing off, or lazy. I have been struggling with health issues so when I do finally sit down on my folding chair with a throbbing foot (gout), and stiff back, I usually there for a reason. Sorry, about the rant, but I was called lazy because I was getting up and doing “physical” work. )

Update on Editing 2021

Update on NaNoEdMo 2021

I have learned that I really do NOT like to edit. I have to be in the right mood. To be honest, I have not been in the edit mood to mood edit in a very long time.

With my goal, I would have 14 hours of edit time this week, but I have 8 hours and 15 minutes. Averaging just over an hour per day. . . (I miss writing. I love creating.) I love my coffee.

I have been dealing with drama and such, I am on very little sleep. I realized with editing, I NEED sleep. (I dislike sleep almost as much as I dislike editing. I just wish I could have motivation, focus, and energy without sleep.

I keep telling myself that I cannot have a reward until I edit some. . . I did get in about hour almost two today.

I know I will have a busy week, I just hope that I will get at least 1 hour and 30 minute average per day.

Editing Rewards

I will admit I am a writer, and creating the story or typing up the blog is my bliss. However rereading and editing is a chore to me. Edit is the work that instantly drains me, so I have to give myself rewards. I also can only editor so long or I instantly get drained for days or simply burnt out. I mention that this month (March) I am working on editing several projects.

Even this evening, I edited for 2 hours and 50 minutes. . . 50 minutes over my daily goal. I rather be ahead in case I get a day or two where I am just so drained that I cannot focus.

I am surprised that I even found the energy to edit today.

Rewards for editing
1. New Pens
2. Candy
3. Hair dye
4. New diary
5. New Coffee Creamer
6. Mountain Dew
7. Notebooks
8. Tarot reading
9. Mediation breaks
10. Writing breaks: blogging, stories etc
11. Go for a walk
12. Play with my kitty
13. Play Online Games
14. Watch You tube
15. Movie
16. Making Amazon wish list
17. Online time.
18. Make favorite meal
19. Write with friends
20. Listen to music

NaNoEdMo Me. . . 2021

NaNoWriMo (November) has been going on for well over ten year (as this will be my 11th year).
Many of the years in March they had NaNoEdMo. . . I believe 2019 was the last year I knew of it.
I am editing myself for 50 plus hours in the Month of March.. . if others join awesome.

I’ve had writer’s block off and on for over a year now. I think maybe editing a project or two might hit a spark.

I have two major projects I am working on this March 2021
1. My friend Jade her story. . . Chapter 10 Ten and up. . . I have been working on it since August.
2. My Driving Lies Book 2. There are at least ten chapters.

Goals. . . at least 1.66 hours to 2 hours a day. (50 to 62 hours total)

The thing is editing to me is the work/chore part of writing. Creating the story is my bliss, but correcting my mess is well. . . work. I am giving myself a goal.

(If I get over 75 hours of editing . . . I will make myself an Easter basket.)

The White Screen

I get ideas, but I stare at the white screen. . . completely mocking me . . .

  1. You aren’t an author, you aren’t even a writer. (I technically have a book on Amazon and some on Smashwords, but I need reedit and I plan to edit three major project next month and write in April.)
  2. You are a time waster. (I am researching, emotionally healing, and working on other things. I am also taking things one day at a time.)
  3. You are not creative enough. ( I more creative of then this “generation” pushing all of the remakes, I at least I try to make my own characters and story lines.)
  4. Get off your ass and get a “real” job. (I cannot handle people day in and out, I am way too bluntly honest for majority of this world, and with my heavy sleeping and sleep apnea, even with my CPAP I still cannot hear my alarm clock.)
  5. Make money, happiness is under rated. (Money only causes more problems. I just want enough to feel secure. Then I want to write; it my bliss. When I write with my guy and my gal, it’s Heaven on Earth)
  6. You are not pretty, thin, or talented enough to enjoy happiness. (Happiness does not matter whether you are thin, or beautiful or talented. . . Happiness is a choice to feel positive and hope and enjoy what you are doing. By the way, My weight or looks has nothing to do with my love of writing and creating things.)
  7. All of your ideas are taken. . . (All basic concepts are written or told, but the truth is you can always spin them. Break cliches or use them in a different way. Never let it stop you from getting your story told.)
  8. Your twists are not exciting enough. (I will tweak them in the edits.)
  9. Everyone is bored with you (with all of the drama in my damned head, I think not. . . I am crazy enough to be arguing with the computer screen.)
  10. You are a has-been and wanna-be.(I haven’t even started yet, how can I be either one of those things?)

I have so many stories to write about. I just need to get inspired and started and then simply white screen shut up and let me write.