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Writing is my number 1 passion. I write short stories, poems, novels, and blogs. Genres I’m interested in are but not limited to . . . Horror, paranormal, occult, spiritual, romance, modern, suspense, thriller and drama. (I have worked with some erotica, but with another pen name.)

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Updates and Camp NaNoWriMo April 2023

Between mental issues and sinus problems, has been giving me a challenge to get any writing done. I’ve tried to organize a bit more.

My amazing boyfriend has help me writing a few short stories with him. It really does help.

I was on my Instagram when I found out camp NaNoWriMo was next month. Yay!!

Camp NaNoWriMo April 2023

My Goals
30,000 words written in 30 days
Posting in several of my blogs: including this one.
My theme is memoir …. My personal story.

I’ve been having issues with finding a therapist and friends who understand my issues, so. . .until I find someone who can help me, I am working through my own issues

2023 Writing Goals

I wrote 493,377 words in 2022.
It was 6,623 words short of 500,000 words.
This month I haven’t really gotten any writing projects in. It’s been hard to focus.
During new years. . . I was going to give myself a very ambitious goal of 750,000 words, but I think even 600,000 words would be a stretch. I am keeping it at 600,000, I would be happy getting over 500,000 this year. (2023.)

I also want to finish the two projects I had started last year. (Vortex and my personal piece)
I also want to get back into my vampire project even if its not book 2. . . maybe I’ll focus on Book 3 or the vampire war.
I just want to be writing more.
I need to get all of my hand written stuff onto my computer.
I also need to get more blogs posted.

I have no steady table or desk to write at and traveling in the winter has been very complicated. I need to write or type for at least an hour a day.

So over all …. I want in 2023: .(1)..500,000 words written, (2) several of my projects finished, and (3) to write something each day.

Things I’ve learned in 2022

  1. I get distracted easily (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and phone games, even coloring … when I should be writing.) 
  2. Most …I mean 90%of Instagram is fake people and scammers. It seems like everyone is out for money.
  3. I’m obsessed with health research. Google chrome is my search engine of choice. (It’s a distraction as well.) 
  4. My complex hyperplasia was dire and half of my extreme female problems were caused by it. My hysterectomy went well physically as I have more energy and less brain fog, but I’m still working on mental and emotional issues (more on health blog:
  5. I’m now 40 years old and my social circle is practically non-existent. (I hope to change it next year.) 
  6. Expect less from most people. They can still shock and devastate me though. (More about that in my spiritual blog:
  7. Life is short: you never know when your time is up. A friend of mine passed on unexpectedly, and I hope she is resting in peace. 
  8. Enjoy what you can: writing is my Bliss. Without my brain fog so thick, I can focus and write more. 
  9. I know more than anything I want to be with my guy and write together for a living. 
  10. It’s easy to keep things simple. Don’t let possession rule your life. 

Good bye Instagram

I’m a bit disappointed.. As a writer and artist, I’ve been slowly trying to build my network for my writings and my art.

One of the things in 2023 I’m doing … is getting rid of Instagram. I even gave it a very low rating of two stars . . . During the year 2022, it has gotten worse. 

I used to go to Instagram for posting links to my blogs, (like this one,) and posting pictures I colored and some I even drew. 

I also enjoy cat and panda videos, sarcastic memes, and Pagan tips. 

However I keep getting “single fathers” who think it’s a personal page, or fake “psychics” who say my ancestors say I must have a reading.

They are all scams!

The single fathers are always from one place but live another, and their beloved wife died of cancer or car accident. (Just like in the show Catfish, they notice fakes, use “C” words too.) They claim to have a kid to get sympathy. They also ignore the fact I’m happily taken. They try to get you in another chat and then try to get money or scam with gift cards to pay for their “phone.” The scam is that they use the card and then complain that there was no money on the card to get their “money” back …. 

The fake psychic/ reader scam: they all say the same thing….I am blessed, but Ihave a spiritual blockage, curse, or a dark cloud over me, and I need a cleansing or spell to clear it for an extra charge. It was usually caused by witchcraft as I was a baby or child. This is a scam.

 Please note: there are real psychics and readers out there, but they will not approach you on Instagram. I have several real psychics and readers that I watch on YouTube who have Instagrams and even they say on the video, they use fansonly and patron pages for paid readings. 

I understand Bitcoin and Illuminati are out there, but I’m not interested as well. (Note:There are scams with both of those too.)

Note: even Norton has an article about scams on Instagram.

Now over the past several days I have been getting rude people. WTF….. today I got told I’m not real and told to leave. It’s bad when the fake people get rude, because I’m NOT falling for their native gullible bait. 

What is sad is that I just wanted to show off my art and writings and maybe make an online friend or two. I guess I’ll go on my Deviant Art or Facebook for that. 

I gave Instagram a two star rating, the cat and bear video saved a star. However there are maybe 10% of “real” people and the majority of those are artists, writers or those selling jewelry and other things. I hope the real people on there are not getting harassed with scammers like I was. (Note: not every American is rich. I even posted this on my profile and tagged it Scammers don’t read your profile.)

I hope Instagram gets a process were they can catch the scammers and may karma give the scammer their just desserts. 

NaNoWriMo 2022 Updates

I had two, technically three projects I was working on in November. I gave myself a personal word count goal of 20,000 words for NaNoWriMo this year as I have been fighting brain fog and writer’s block.

I achieved my 20,000 words by November 9th..

By November 25th, I got 56,877 words …yay!!

I have to thank all those who set up word sprints. They helped me get the most words hand written in a short amount of time..

Yes, I hand wrote two out of three projects. With my colorful pens.

I’m excited about writing again..*Dances*

I hope to keep this up the next month and in 2023.

October updates: Writer’s block and NaNoWriMo

Well, I have not been writing as much as I would have liked to. I have been typing a lot some of my written work, again not as much as I would like to. I have been fighting health issues (NO, not covid 19). . .

  • I have cabin fever with depression.
  • I also have PCOS and other female issues.
  • I have gout, carpel tunnel and arthritis.
  • At night my hands and feet get ice cold: it’s painful, and I am not sure why.

I have been seeing several doctors over these issues, and I hope get them figure them out, because it has made getting a job impossible. Grrrr.

I noticed that I didn’t even get close to 40 on either Camp NaNoWriMo (April Word count: 34,603 and July Word count: 21,333) That’s barely 50k together.

I am treating the next NaNoWriMo just like I did with Camp NaNoWriMos. I am just focusing on getting something written everyday. I have to give a person word count goal is 25,000 words. However I may have to have some medical procedures and doctor visit in November, so I am focusing on my health. I plan to really try to write more in 2022.

The rest of this year, I am just trying to get written stuff on the computer. I have several projects I had to write by hand over the past few years so I am getting them on the computer.

Trying NaNoWriMo 2022

And other updates…..

I’ve been fighting health issues and writers block all year.. if it wasn’t for therapy and writing with my boyfriend, I wouldn’t have been writing at all.

I had Hyperplasia that changed from simple to complex and I needed to get a partial hysterectomy which I got in September. I will have more details on my blog

I have two projects I want to do this November.

Fictional: Vortex it’s about a haunted motel that is cursed and must have sacrifices or bad things happen.

Nonfiction: my story about dealing with not being able to create. It’s my own therapy.

This month is getting busier….with chores, errands, blood work, and doctor appointments….I know I will probably not get 50,000 words in..

I’m giving myself a personal goal of 20,000 words.

I’m also hand writing. It’s easier for me to simply take my notebook than a computer than needs charger frequently.

I hope I do well.

Update July 2022

I sit in the middle of the storm of my mind….No roof …no desk….no computer … No pens ….all the paper is blowing in the wind.

My mind looks like feet out after the party of the year .. I do not remember any of it. However everything is shredded and simply needs to be thrown out and refurbished and redecorated.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have not been able to be productive.

Not with short stories, not with notes for my longer stories.

I haven’t even had the focus to read long stories of others work. It’s felt more like work than pleasure.

If it was going back and forth with my boyfriend, I would not be writing anything at all but lists and my diary.

I’m beyond flustered and depressed..

I have not finished NaNoWriMo or Camp NaNoWriMo in almost two years.

My health physical and mental have been pulling my energy and attention. I really need to get back into my creative process.

*sighs* I just want to get back into my creative bliss .

It’s been a while..

It’s been a while since I have been writing. . . I will admit this kills me deep down. I will admit I miss my characters and my worlds. (I have so many excuses in my head to why I do not write, but biggest one is my health. . . exhaustion, no focus, discomfort, and the bit of energy I do have goes into cooking.)

I get maybe a good day, maybe two out of a month. I try to get some writing when I can. However I haven’t really gotten any thing finished or started for that matter.

I’ve tried to write in Camp NaNoWriMo in April, but I couldn’t focus, and I was fighting exhaustion.

In January-March I did post a short story in a contest, but I didn’t win. I am trying to work on a contest on

However. I can only get a bit out and I get distracted or exhaustion or both, grrrr.


If it wasn’t for my amazing, creative, patient boyfriend, I may not be writing almost daily at all. Yes, he is real. (I’ve had several ask.)


(I do not normally post this stuff on this blog. . . here is a blog about my health. . . if you want to keep up. . . )

My health issues. . .




Between my PCOS, my diabetic meds, (side effects are crazy), and scheduling therapist and doctors for my hysterectomy. . . I am get exhausted and overwhelmed so easily. I have complex hyperplasia, and if I do nothing it can get cancerous. No one wants that.
I am really fighting health physical and mental. I was okay, until my doctors said I need a hysterectomy. I’m 39 years old and have no kids. I’ve also had writer’s block for several years.

I will post more about it in my health blog. I’m sorry that I haven’t been on here more. I hope to write more soon.

2022 Goals

I posted those in 2020, and sadly they still fit. . . I just added a few notes.

  • I want to read more. I will make a list of books and stories, I want to read soon. (Stories really need to pull me in. . . It’s hard with my location to simply read. . . I keep getting interrupted.)
  • I want to write more and post on my blogs and writing sites like wattpadd. I also like to find and try some writing contests.
  • I want to research publishers. I also want to look into self-publishing.
  • I need to edit and get Driving Lies out for more readers.
  • I need to finish book 2 of my Vampire or work on Book 4 and 5 which the vampire war.
  • I have better writing patterns and no more writer’s block! I want to work more with my boyfriend and finish a project or two.
  • I also want to have at least one blog on each of my blogs each month.
  • My word count goal is 500,000. I know it’s less than years before but I need to focus on the publishing part, not writing. Writing is my bliss, but is it worth anything if no one reads it?

Some where I also have to find time to exercise as well.