People Series: Non-supporters: The Indifferent Busy People

1. The Indifferent Busy People

The one group of non-supporters that I don’t mind are those who are just indifferent: The indifferent, busy people. I have them in non-supporters, because they aren’t usually going to lift a finger or encourage you one way or another. (Key word: usually) I have met a few like this, but they are usually very busy. They usually work 60 plus hours a week or they have many hobbies or lots of friends/clients.

  • They don’t care what you are doing.
  • You have your thing, and they have their thing. Actually they are probably grateful that you are into your own thing so you can leave their thing alone.
  • They are busy with their life, and I think they expect you to busy with yours.
  • They are probably the people you meet through a friend of a friend of a friend or at some sponsored dinner party.

However, keep in mind, they may be the type to keep in touch with as they will be the type to have the greatest network of connections.

Personally, I admire their work ethic and determination. They are very focus, and it’s very inspiring.

Camp NaNoWriMo and Colds. . .

Okay since Sunday, I’ve had a bad head cold. . . and since last Thursday inner ear issues. . . It has been getting better. I have learned a few things. . . (LOL)

  1. It’s okay to write in between naps.
  2. Coffee is a fluid. . . keep lots of fluids.
  3. And people leave you alone when you are hacking up a lung (They just don’t want to get sick, I wonder why?)

On a serious note, I have been working on my writings when I can. I am not sure if I am writing every day for at least 75 minutes, but I am caught up on my word count so far. Yay!
However my cabin buddies aren’t every talkative. It’s okay more time to write.


I need to WRITE.

I want to write . . . it always takes longer. . .

Why I am so easily distracted by this site (EP), and facebook.  Now I have until April 21st until EP pauses. Facebook just isn’t the same. . . still I deleted the drama.

Now I have a guy who is a good distraction.

I should shut the Internet off and just get to writing.

2016 Goals

Writing Goal

Things I want to do by the end of 2016

  • I want these two books and two novellas edited and ready to publish . . .
    • The Whispering Path
    • The Crimson Shadow Collection: Book 1 Melzela
    • Driving Lies Novella 1 &2
  • Finish Driving Lies Novella 3
  • I want write draft one of The Crimson Shadow Collection Book 2: Descants of Daris
  • I want at least 104 blogs written (Average 2 a week)
  • I want to work up to 2 hours of writing a night
  • I would still like to write 500,000 words this year.

Personal Rejection Letter

Here is the one thing I will give my ex . . . he supported my writings. (Yeah, sure he wanted majority of the credit when I did majority of the work, but he did always supported my writing.)

Yesterday, I was told that I am writing too much and that it is very unhealthy for me. I have never been so shocked and hurt at once. The worst problem is that she is one of the most positive people I know. I looked up at her, and those damn words just hurt. . . “Medically speaking, as much as you write is not healthy. . .” EXCUSE ME, I am a WRITER! HELLLO!
I just thought out of all of the people in that would have supported . . . she would have hope and positivity for me. . . she was the most positive person I know. WTH?

Then she had the nerve to say that I was too sensitive. . . I have only been writing and creating books since I was in the first grade. (Young Authors). . . I have the right be sensitive. I have been writing like this for 20 plus years and you just now tell me I am writing too much. SCREW YOU!

I just feel it’s like getting a rejection letter saying. . .

F’Off Dreaming Writer,

Give up all hope. . . You will never make it. You’re life isn’t exciting enough. Shut up and take your meds! Lock yourself up and abandon all hope. You are lucky enough I took ten minutes out of my busy day to tell you that you suck. 


Who Cares Publisher


This is what I say. . . I will be writing for myself. If I feel it is good enough for the public to read, then I will publish it . . . Anyone who get in my way will be punished in at least one of my novels. The WRITER: Rebekah Quinne has spoken!