October word count up 21st

October 1 to 21st 
10,524 written
502 written daily
20,490 typed
976 typed daily

One BIC pen died.Total written so far 31,014

Told words written 1,478 daily at that rate I would have only 

 45,818 by October 31st.  
I need to up my game. 


Word sprint, the exercise I like. 

Sports I like basketball, baseball, volleyball, football  (American) etc

Sports I like to play volleyball. 

I love to exercise my brain. When writing a novel, I do it alot. I do word sprints. 

 (Word sprint is writing as many words as you can in a time limit, 10 minutes, 20 minutes even up to an hour.) In groups, at the end they write down the amount of words, and cheer each other on. There are NaNoWriMo groups, twitter sprint groups, and Facebook groups.

I have a word sprint ritual.

When I do sprints on my own. (I get a bag of day old Halloween candy.) 

:00 to :25 word sprint

:25 to :30 break: eat candy,  write notes, bathroom if need

:30 to :55 word sprint

:55 to :00 break: eat candy,  write notes, bathroom if need

I usually do this for 2 to 4 hours or when I reach my daily goals. It depends on scenes, what errands I have to do for that day. I love written exercising. I trying to out do my  best rewards. 

20 minute sprint: 673

25 minute sprint: 698

30 minute sprint: 821

60 minute sprint: 1129

Shortest time to reach 1000 words was 45 minutes, when we did a reverse sprint. You give a word limit and you write until you reach the limit. (Nanowrimo daily goal 1667 per day.)

Written kitten.com is fun every hundred words a picture of a cat comes up. They have a puppy one as well. 

I don’t like it but there is writeordie.com(but if you can’t keep up it will start to erase work.)


The Writing Rush

The writing rush is the fact that you have so much of a novel or story ready in your head or outlined, but you are afraid to overwrite and burn out. (Most I’ve written in a day is 21,000 words. But I was down for two days later.)

I love when I write and then even when I put it down I want to get back to it. While I cook or clean, I think about when can I get the next chance to write again. It makes me excited the awake up the next day. 

I will write so much and walk away leaving myself desiring more. I hate ending, because I lose that clingy feeling. It’s like a writing drug. . . My muses are excited, I’m excited. . .  The only thing is if I leave a part in my head unwritten, my anxiety gets scared that I forgot about it. So I have written notes, mini outlines, and post it’s for the next day. 

I have 15 days until November 1st I’m very excited. 

Setting up for Nanowrimo yay!

Last year I did not get to finish my Nanowrimo do to some mental issues I was having. (I was living with people who didn’t believe in my writing career and said I wrote too much. They didn’t understand me and it killed my self esteem. I was a shell of a person, and I was running in a robotic mode. Now I’m finally feeling like my writing self.)

So this year I am doing two projects since right now all I have is time. 

Each giving both goal of 50,000 word by November 30, 2017. That means 100,000 words.

In order to reach such goals. I’m working on extreme set up. . . Detailed chapter outlines for one and detail and character specific outlines for the other. 

They are both parts of the same project. It’s a paranormal project of ghost whisperer. One part is all of the stories of the ghosts  she encounters and the other is of the drama of her life. 

I have two accounts https://nanowrimo.org/participants/rebekahwolveire is working on my word account for my ghost stories.

https://nanowrimo.org/participants/rebekah1213 is the account working on my storyline. The Broken Path. 

Writing Goals for 2017

Writing Goals for 2017

  1. I want to write 1 to 4 hour (averaging at 2.5).
  2. I want to give myself 3 to 10 (20 minutes) word sprints daily (averaging 5)
  3. I want to finish old projects.
  4. I want to work on some new project ideas.
  5. I want to explore new genres.
  6. I want to get some short stories published.
  7. I want to write 200 blogs (over all of my blogs)
  8. I want to write about my depression and anxiety.
  9. I want to enter some contests. (Including Camp NaNoWriMo and NaNoWriMo)
  10. I know I NEED to edit several projects.
  11. I just want to write something everyday.
  12. I want to write more books reviews.
  13. I want to read more. (2 books a month.)

New Project Ideas

  1. Adult works
  2. Blog Prompts
  3. Story Prompts
  4. Writing Tips
  5. Romance
  6. Spirituality
  7. Anxiety and depression ideas
  8. Diabetes project
  9. Character video project

Projects that I need to Finish

  1. Love Need Time (rewrite novel idea)
  2. Hero project (comic idea)
  3. DWAG (online soap opera)
  4. College story
  5. Driving Lies part 3

Projects I need to edit

  1. The Whisper Path
  2. Melzela
  3. Darken Cake
  4. Many short stories
  5. Driving Lies Parts 1 & 2

NaNoWriMo Reward System

NaNoWriMo Reward System


Things I Like (Rewards)                                   Word Count                               

  • Candy                                                             100 per piece
  • Chocolate                                                       250 per piece
  • Soda                                                              1000 per cup/can
  • Hot Chocolate (Gourmet)                                 1000 per cup
  • Play Neopets                                                  1000 per 15 minutes
  • Sims 2                                                            4000 per hour
  • Xbox: Sims 3                                                  7500 per 2 hours
  • Pogo: Yahtzee                                                1200 per 3 games
  • Pogo: Poppit                                                   900 per 3 games
  • Pogo: Word Whomp                                        750 per 3 games
  • Bubble Blitz                                                     1500 per 5 games
  • Sims Social                                                     2000 per game
  • Movies                                                            20,000 per movie
  • Big Bang Theory                                             3000 per episode
  • Two and Half Men                                           3000 per episode
  • How I Met Your Mother                                   3000 per episode
  • Young Hercules                                               3000 per episode
  • Ninja Warrior                                                   3000 per episode
  • Supernatural                                                   5000 per episode
  • Top Chef                                                        5000 per episode
  • Iron Chef                                                        5000 per episode
  • Chopped                                                         5000 per episode
  • Shopping                                                        25,000 per $10 limit
  • Mug                                                                10,000
  • Blanket                                                           36,000
  • Hair clips                                                         10,000
  • Make new playlist                                            2,500
  • Waste time (20 minutes)                                  2,000
  • Facebook time (20 minutes)                             2,000
  • Video game Night                                            10,000
  • Veggie Break                                        1000
  • Blog Break                                                      2500
  • Painting Break                                                 20,000
  • Color Break                                                     2000
  • Forum Break                                                   1500
  • Ontray (Food)                                                 15,000
  • Favorite Dinner                                               25,000
  • Amazon ($25)                                                 50,000
  • Cheesecake                                                    10,000 (per quarter AKA two pieces)
  • Little Debbies (Snack cakes)                            500 per cake
  • Ice Cream                                                       10,000 (per bowl or small pint)
  • Pie                                                                 25,000 (making one)
  • Bubble bath                                                    2000
  • Baking (2 hours)                                              25,000
  • Free time (2 hours)                                         15,000
  • NaNoWriMo Forums                                        2000 per forum


That was my list from 2012. . .  This year I need to make a list where things are free.


2016 NaNOWriMo Reward list



Things I Like (Rewards)                                                 Word Count                                                    

  1. Candy                                                                                              100 per piece
  2. Chocolate                                                                                      250 per piece
  3. Snack cakes                                                                                   500 per cakes
  4. Encouraging pics                                                                          500 per pic
  5. Pics from Boyfriend                                                                     500 to 2500
  6. Pogo: Poppit                                                                                  300 per 1 game
  7. Yoville                                                                                             500 words (Per 10 minutes)
  8. Candy Crush                                                                                   1000 per 5 games
  9. Veggie Break (chill out- not think)                                            1000 (per ten minutes)
  10. Pogo: Yahtzee                                                                               1200 per 3 games
  11. Two and Half Men                                                                        1500 per episode
  12. How I Met Your Mother                                                              1500 per episode
  13. Dharma and Greg                                                                         1500 per episode
  14. Young Hercules                                                                             1500 per episode
  15. Hot Chocolate (Gourmet)                                                           2000 per cup
  16. Big Bang Theory                                                            2000 per episode
  17. 2 Broke Girls                                     `                                            2000 per episode
  18. Girl Meets World                                                                          2000 per episode
  19. Ninja Warrior                                                                                2000 per episode
  20. Chopped                                                                                         2500 per episode
  21. Top Chef                                                                                         2500 per episode
  22. Supernatural                                                                                  2500 per episode
  23. Iron Chef                                                                                        2500 per episode
  24. Waste time                                                                                    2,500 (per 20 minutes)
  25. Facebook time                                                                              2,500 (per 20 minutes)
  26. Blog Break                                                                                     2500 (per blog)
  27. Color Break                                                                                    5,000 (per 20 minutes)
  28. NaNoWriMo Forum Break                                                         5,000 (per 20 minutes)
  29. Pie                                                                                                    5,000 (per Piece)
  30. Paint nails                                                                                       5,000
  31. Make new playlist                                                                        10,000 per list
  32. Video game Night                                                                        10,000
  33. Ice Cream                                                                                       10,000 (per bowl)
  34. Free time (1 hour)                                                                         15,000
  35. Movie maker time                                                                        20,000 (per 20 minutes)
  36. Movies                                                                                            20,000 per movie
  37. Favorite Dinner                                                                             25,000
  38. Baking (2 hours cookies)                                                            25,000

NaNoWriMo Survival Kit

There has been an interesting concept or theme. . . when it comes to October for writer’s of NaNoWriMo . . . many of them make survival kits. Things they will need to get through 30 days of nonstop writing frenzies.





Most of the survival kits consist of usual. . . pens, paper/notebooks, computer, sticky notes, lots of sugar and/or caffeine (coffee, tea, candy.)

Many use Halloween candy as treats or survival sugar. (Chocolate and gummy are my favorite. . . I love Charleston Chews.)


I think what is brilliant is someone said a crock pot. . . in genius. You make a meal in the morning: throw things in, plug it in, turn it on high, and by dinner time, you have roast, stew, roast chicken, casserole, or soup. (It you have a big enough crock pot, you could have dinner for days or at least lunch the next day.)




So my survival kit. . . 

  1. colored pens
  2. Notebook
  3. Notes
  4. Outlines
  5. Candy
  6. hot cocoa
  7. Coffee/ tea
  8. Snacks: chips, crackers
  9. Timer
  10. Computer
  11. Supportive, encouraging boyfriend
  12. Reward list
  13. Cell phone

Things I will need to avoid. . . Internet, cleaning, and crying little sisters.