Chapter 9 and notes

Today was a good day

I got half of chapter nine written, thanks to well noted outlines. I need to outline an extra scene for chapter nine, so I can finish chapter nine tomorrow. 

I also got out and written notes, color coded notes for project 2 for my camp nanowrimo,  titled The Broken Path. 

Now I need to download my first book and review some pieces. I also made meatloaf for dinner. I hope I don’t over work myself

The Reason Why

I want to thank everyone who helped me decide which project to do. 

I feel between the notes, outlines, and my crazy dreams. . . I feel I need to work on this therapy thing (especially since I feel my therapists are not helping. Doesn’t help I really can’t always get there.) 

I pissed off part of my family going back to help my ex of 8 years, who cheated on me and then I stayed  with him in the hospital on Christmas, then he had surgery before the new year, and I got to watched him die from acute cancer. I think I need to face it, so I can move on. 

I have two therapists and two doctors think between depression, anxiety and pstd that I can’t work. I think its more of my sleep and hormonal issues. (I think this project will let me know if I am ready or not.)

I do plan to work on my second project when I get overwhelmed or do my second project on the weekends. I’m working on more notes and outlines.

Decided on a project. . .

I had written about two projects a few days ago. That I want to for camp nanowrimo. 

Project 1: it was erotic short stories in a collection with a theme.  I have three themes, mistress, motel, or taboo fetishes. 

Project 2: it was a sequel from another therapy, nanowrimo project I worked on. I had notes pour out of me, and I feel I need to work on it. 

I decided I am going to work on project 2 until  I can’t, whether I am overwhelmed or something happens. Then I’ll work on project one. 

Chapter 8 is finished. Yay!

I know as a non-writer, you are probably asking why are you celebrating a finished chapter? 

Well, I know some writers can probably get series of books in the time I have barely got out this novella trilogy.  I fight my health issues almost everyday and on my good days, I over do it and then I am down for extra days.

I wish I could grab a bagel, flavored coffee, and write a chapter a day. But some days I have a cold rag on my eyes because of a migraine, or I’m nauseated, or I can barely keep my eyes open. I write whenever I can.  

I have been writing this novella trilogy off and on for five years, longer than that if you count the how is started as a movie script I worked on for the well of two and half years in high school. 

So each chapter is a celebration and maybe I treat myself with a cookie or new cup. My promise to myself if I get chapter nine finished before Friday, I am getting myself a pillow or cup. I am excited that I finished chapter eight because it makes me that close to chapter nine.

 Chapter ten is going to be the ending and really hard. It closes everything and all of thrill, suspense, and danger is adding up to that point. I want to make it really intense and as if you want to keep turning the pages. 

I love to write, with all of me. However, when feeling tired, in pain, but I push anyway, writing can be work. 

Prepping for camp nano

List for nano

  1. Soda pop
  2. Notebook          check
  3. Pens                    check
  4. Computer  cord
  5. A/C                      check
  6. Candy 
  7. Snacks
  8. Dinner ideas

I’m giving myself a prize for winning camp nano.

 I plan to get myself new notebooks and pens and good coffee with flavored creamer. This will be in August  when school prices are out.

My two projects which should I do?

My first project is a collection of erotica short stories with the theme of a motel or mistress. I have written notes and outlines for stories with kinks that I have not and will not do in real life such as having a human pet, humiliation, and extreme pain. I’m also not into cages or having my sub sleep on the floor, but I will add a story. However written limits: incest, kids, animals, scat, human toilet, diapers, mommy/daddy with lils, and religion sex. 
My second project is a therapy novel (sequel of my first book The Whispering Path) in which  I talk about my ex fighting for dominance and cheating on me. I make him the player that he really wanted to be.

I’ve been writing notes on each.  I need to outline the second project.
I’m thinking I might work on both just to constantly keep writing or work one in July and the other in August.
Which should I work on ?

Being creative 

My brother takes the characters front Final Fantasy video games and created his own D&D rpg (role play game.) We use different dice. (However you can take a movie or a book and do the  same thing.)

If you don’t have dice, you can get the online dice roller, or create papers with actions or numbers. (You can use these paper or dice while writing stories as well: use the dice to determine your  characters fate.)
This can help me be creative and work on twisted strategies. I have to go back to the game, and I’m a moogle.