Muses vs what I want to do vs inspiration

I wanted to work on this dragon story for my brothers. I used Tom tell them stories at bed time. The stories were about Star wars, dragons, Harry Potter etc. Whatever story I made up, I would put them in it. I would make my special effects, sounds and I would add some humor relief.

I always wanted to write a story about dragons and add them in it. . . Bring my brothers to my created world.

However my sci-fi and fantasy muse Luna, is not that loud, busy or strong. . . Not confident as those are not my natural genres. It hard for me to get that genre because I have my head filled with horror, thriller, paranormal, drama, romance, and erotica. (My muses really have been pushing the drama and erotica.)

I guess I just miss my brothers. . . I know my inspiration will lead back if I am truly meant to write it. . . But I can’t even figure out a villain or an outline.

I feel it’s not right to fight it. I’m not giving up, but it needs to simmer in the inspiration pot some more. I learned when I push work, especially writing, I just end up stuck, in a writer’s block.

I’m just going to give my muses a chance to lead me for a while.

Just Write It Down. . .

I keep getting these moments . . . that hit me like a frying pan to the face. It’s like every part of me is saying “DUH” at the same time. (And usually they happen in the shower . . . weird, I know.)
This was another moment I realized instead of being insecure and fearful and stuck. . . I should write about it. I should write about the moments where fear has me in the throat and I can’t focus. . . I should force myself and write about exactly what is happening. . .

I can write and overcome the fear or let me be a victim and eat me alive. I should not let it be a “Voldemort” (JK Rowling). . . I need to be like Harry Potter and face my enemy, face my fear! If I let my insecurities rule me, I will never get out and live life. I need to overcome those things that find the shadows of my thoughts, and I need to beat the darkness creeping into the hope that I have. I need to focus on the light and positive.

When I am upset, feeling insecure, or just afraid, I am going to write about it. . . who knows I can twist it and use it for one of my paranormal characters.

For example: I am afraid I will be alone. I seek male friends, maybe for more. However I afraid of getting hurt.  Therefore I sabotage the possibility of bliss so I would not get my heart broken again.

I tell him yes. I tell him stop. He sends me a confused smilie. He says he likes me. I say it back, but I am not sure of anything, I just do not want to lose the moment. The moments add up, after a few days, I really do think I like him. Do I like him or is it just of the feeling of being liked? He stops talking, I get worried. I start to freak out with many bad thoughts flooding my head. . . does he like others? Am I just a number? Is he who he says he is? Is this all just a dream? Am I really pretty like he says? 
Still nothing from him, just silence. . . no ringing sound, no replied message. . . Did I say something wrong? I’m confused. Did he just want one thing? Did he already get that? From someone else? Is he married or with a girlfriend? Am I just filler? 
Then he says “I miss you.” It’s like all the thoughts are melted away if for only that second.