Ideal writing schedule

My average times I write . . . 

  • Between 1pm and 5pm 
  • Between 8pm and 2am 

I focus best in the afternoon after a coffee and lunch or after dinner if nothing is on that night.

Bad to times to write . . .

Between 6am to noon 

Between 5pm to 8pm 

I am not a morning person. If I can get up early, and I feel a woke. I’ve learned I edit better in the mornings, it’s very, very, very rare. Did I mention I am not a morning person? Diabetes also makes me very foggy just before dinner. 

It’s been hard to write everyday. This has been making me cranky when I cannot write. Between my depression, sleep, and other health issues, it’s been a challenge to write daily. 

I’ve been having bad sleeping problems. (I mentioned these issues in my personal blog I’m working on seeing my doctor to fix this. 

Writing vs the Holiday

  1. I love to write.
  2. I love to cook.
  3. I love to bake.
  4. I love to color.
  5. I love to listen to music. (And sing along)
  6. I love to watch movies.
  7. I love to go shopping.

    Most of these are in random order, except my writing. I love to write. It is my passion. 

    So with the holidays, I am always busy in the kitchen. I am making the turkey this year, and I will be very busy Thursday and Friday with my male friend. (Long story, but I’ll explain in my other blog soon. Http:// )

    I want to double my word count for the rest of of Nanowrimo.  I hope I get to 50,000 words by November 30th. 

    I know I have said this before, but I can make a seven course meal, clean the entire house, be on 4 hours of sleep, pay all of the bills, go shopping, and if I do not write something, I feel my day is unproductive

    I know a good meal, nice, and a clean place, feels good, but without writing, I just do not feel accomplished anything at all. 

    Writing for me, even just 5 minutes or 8 hours is something special.

     It is a chaotic, artistic, sweet moment to see my colorful thoughts go from black and white to color again. 

    So I hope I get sometime to write. I still need to cook and hang out with my friend. 

    Balancing romance and writing

    I’ve been told I write too much, and I’ve seen it get in the way and caused  many fights with my ex’s and I. 

    However I was told “don’t put away your writing for me.”

    Some of the best words a writer could hear. . . 
    My new guy seems to believe in me and my writing dreams. I hope not let him down and those who support me. 

    However when he is home, I want to spend as much time with him as I can. (I just hope I’m not being too demanding in my time, I mean our time.)

    I also try to balance writing and cleaning while he works so I can spend sometime with him when he gets home. Ultimate balance is time with him and writing. 

    My computer, eh. 

    I’ve posted about my computer before- my old computer (which I briefly shared with my mom) accidentally fell out of the window and the hinge broke and I can see the wires. I’m afraid to plug it in since the internal wires are exposed, so I am not sure how broken my old computer is. . .

    However my dad got me a refurbished computer for Xmas (2015).  However my step mom saw a spark when I plugged it in and made me get rid of my cord. (Which it is a very hard cord to find.)

     It took me over 15 months to find a new cord and now the used computer. 

    It just really frustrates me as all I want to do it is turn on my computer, plug my headset in, and write while listening to music. But I can’t. . . grrrrr. 

    I have to hand write all of my notes, and Nanowrimo project. 

    Why can’t I just write?

    Flustered.  . . The more I want to write, the more tired I seem to get.

     I’m not sure if it is because this piece is therapy

     or if it is the cold weather making me want to hibernate.  . . 

    Or my anemia. . . 

    Why can’t I just write?

    Diamond in the clique rough

    I have a naughty muse (Starred is my erotic muse,) and lately she has wanted to come out in my paranormal and horror writing. 

    So if I feel the scene is going naughty I will write the scene twice. I write erotica faster than my therapy writing lately. So I have both scenes. It helps for word counts in nanowrimo and keeps me busy. 

    I found a section in one of my naughty scenes. . . (The scene is between Lucy and Lyric fooling around when they are both taken.) I know this line sounds generic and clique but it sounded good to me. 

    “She needed him–she knew he needed her. She wanted him and didn’t want to give him back. She secretly and denabliy believed that if she gave him everything he wanted, that he would feel the same way for her. ”

    Rebekah Quinne’s (c) copyrights 2017

    I felt like my paranormal writing is slowly turning into a clique romance writing. What kills me is that the guy is not the same in reality that is in her head. (But the be honest, is it ever?) She wants love, but he knows she will do anything (including naughty stuff) to keep the idea of him. He uses this to his intimate and sexual advantage. 

    I should add a ghost to the scene, but then I start to wonder if I add too much paranormal does it build or cut storyline?

    I probably should add something to make more showing and less telling

    My brain never stops and my muses are always evolving. 

    Why can’t I just write?

    Flustered.  . . The more I want to write, the more tired I seem to get.

     I’m not sure if it is because this piece is therapy

     or if it is the cold weather making me want to hibernate.  . . 

    Or my anemia. . . 

    Why can’t I just write?