I got there. Sigh.

Between my health issues, which I’m seeing a doctor today. Yay.

And my several distractions and computer problems . . .

I did manage to complete my word count goal of reaching 30,000 words.

I only got 3 chapters written, but I plan to work on the other seven chapters throughout the next months. However it may not be my main focus.

My computer was biting such a pain with overheating and glitches that I had to write the 5,000 words by hands.

I pushed through. Now my muses have more twists.

Camp NaNoWriMo

On Monday, April 16, I was officially 4,000 over, but Tuesday I hit a depression and anxiety wall causing a major writers block. I haven’t written since tonight, and it’s just story notes for chapter 3 &4.

I hate how I instantly felt like the world was against me and it felt like I left my interesting characters left in the door.

Our (many not nice words) landlord is snapping, yelling, and complaining over issues we can’t control. Grrrrrrr. They can go. . . (Filling in not nice words again.)

I have to do a list of chores and errands and now my head is full of ideas. . . My muses are talking, my character are acting scenes I should be writing at the time I need to sleep.

My goals

  • to have chapter 3 done by tuesday.
  • Have chapter 4 done by Sunday April 29
  • Word count by April 29 35,000

My plan. . .

  • Notes, obliges, scene ideas tomorrow
  • Saturday to Monday type up chapter 3
  • Wednesday notes for chapter 4
  • Thursday to Sunday type up chapter 4

I have dreams

I have a dream of being a successful published author in multi genres. I have different pen names for each.

However I’ve ran into several people who think that writing is not a realistic dream.

To be honest, writing is the major thing I am still alive. . . whether is was writing a grocery list,  a journal for self or therapy, or a story. . . I feel most myself when I put words on paper or a screen.

I cannot express how truly important writing is to me. (So important that I am writing through hands cramping and pelvic pain when I sit down. I mean I can go months, even years without sex, but I cannot even go a day without writing.)

I CANNOT be with someone  who does not support my writing dreams.

If you don’t believe in art or writing as dreams or that I will be successful with my writings, please move on. I do NOT need negative people in my life.

Camp NaNoWriMo: Day 7

I met to write this yesterday as it 10:36 am on Day 8, but day 7: I have written 10,105 words.

I gave myself a goal of 30,000 in  30 days.

So I only needed 7,000, but I love being a head. It would be even more awesome if I finish the novella or get 50,000 this month.

I wanted to write over 500,000 words in a year. . . However I also need to find time edit, cook, and do my other errands.

My sleep schedule and my muses motivation keep inter-passing, but I still 10,000 words. I could only imagine what when happen when my sleep schedule and muses work together.  Maybe I’ll get 10,000 in one day. I think my record was 12,000 . . . I wrote a chapter and a half.

It just seems that my muses like to write between 1am and 6am, but lately I have been been falling asleep around 11pm. However if I have errands. . . I barely sleep. GRRRR My mind and body work against me. . . Sigh.

I plan to finish chapter 1 today, so I start a new chapter in a new week.