Camp NaNoWriMo Day 1

So far  . . . So good. . . I am also at the 1200 word mark. . . I need to write an average of 1500 words per day. I think with all of my blogs, stories, poems, diaries, projects, and my current inspiration. . . I can get at least 1500 words. I am hoping for more. I would love to get at least 2,000 words per day by the end of the month. I am starting with an hour per day and so far I have reach that today . . . hour 1 done. these are my stats and profile so far. . .

I have goals on this site . . .
7 hours week one.
8 ¾ hours week two.
10 ½ hours week three.
14 hours week four.
This equals to just about 40.25 hours this month . . . plus two extra days.

Day one . . . I am off to a really good start. I will have 1500 words, and I have already been working over an hour.


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