Focus—I swear I cannot keep focus these days (not more than a few minutes why is that? I think experienceproject.com and facebook area few factors. I am addicted to the Internet. I really should take a break from it.

I am so easily distracted even now . . . I either have to be online while watching or I fall asleep during movies? Why am I sleeping so much?

I feel like my character won’t talk, won’t tell me their stories. It’s ok, because my muses rather watch Netflix or play Sims. I feel with my work it’s like a person who is in the middle of a speech and then stops because they see something shiny.

Even this writing blog, which should have only taken 20 minutes of my life at the most, was hours to create, because I was so distracted.
How do I stay focused?

Oh Look at The Squirrel

My top 5 distractions. . .

  1. com personality questions and personality test. . . I know it’s probably narcissistic, but I like answering questions about myself. I like to know what color or what my person is. . . . To be honest, they are just something to waste your time.
  2. Facebook Games. . . I like candy crush, Dragon City, and Words with Friends. I probably spend 75% more time on facebook.com than I need to.
  3. Experience Project. . . I love to chat. I just wish guys would talk about anything but cheating on their significant others or fetishes. (If they were that significant then you wouldn’t think of cheating, you perverted bastards.)
  4. Random youtube.com and celebrity stuff. . . It’s just me daydreaming. What are really the chances I would meet someone I admire and they would like me back romantically?
  5. . . I have no idea why I have a drive to find someone. I know I am not ready, but yet it seems like every day I am looking at the e-mail for alert saying I have a message and then I hope they are cute and really like me. *

* I am also thinking that personals aren’t that great anymore anyway. . . I just keep finding men that are rude, horny, or both.  I also keep finding men looking for someone to take care of their kids. Or what is worst . . . the scammers. (Are there any cute, decent guys out there, or is the whole damn sea tainted?)


I’m thinking starting Monday, I am not going to use the Internet for a week. I need to focus strictly on my writing. I want to work on several projects and I just keep getting interrupted by the Internet. So I am turning it off, even if I have to delete the Internet password.

Walking Backwards

I had two projects in process… ready to edit and my subconscious and muses had another thing in mind.

It started with 3 dreams . . . he was in each of my dreams, a guy from my past . . .  And now I feel like I am on a track: the story is taking me for a ride-

Damn I’ve missed that feeling!
I love when the muses takeover, and I am simply the tool to release the story. The thing is you write what you know and since one of the characters is based of me that shouldn’t be hard. I just hope the person from my past want be so offended.

New project from the chaos that is my head. I can honestly say that my writer’s block is gone. Yay!

I posted more about it on my person blog . . . https://beckyms1213blog.wordpress.com/2016/01/19/what-to-do-what-to-do/

Words, everywhere. . .

Okay so far on day 19 and I am at a total word count of 13,000 words. I know it’s better than nothing.  It’s an average of 685 words . . . at this rate I would have 250,025 by the end of the year.  That is half of what I want this year . . . grr. (Well, I have been emotional up and down . . . damn hormones and dreams. Long story . . . anyway.)


I got this article from one of my facebook writing groups. . . .


I did the average it comes up to about 1,500 words per writer. I have to agree with the other writers in the group. I do not believe that 10k is a daily count. . . I do not believe that someone writes 10k every day. I think maybe 5k five days a week, and then it’s pushing it.

I just want my average to be at least 1,000 words daily by the end of the first quarter. I will worry about the numbers once I get my motivation at a constant and get rid of these damn distractions.

So many ideas, so little time. . .

Even now I probably have 50 ideas running through my head. . . . prompts I want to write, stories inspired, novel writes and rewrites etc. . .

I want to work on stories about saving the cute girl from armed robbers, my vampire series, several blog ideas, rewriting and finishing three other projects. I probably have a to-do for my writing a mile long.

However between the errands, chores, and family time mixed with my anemia (just wanting to sleep). . . I feel like I cannot get anything done. Now I feel a cold coming on, please let my vitamins help me on that.

How can I manage my time to get it all done?

Word Count Update. . .

Okay over 11 days I have written 7201 words. . .  I should be at 15,070 words written. . . I am less than half. (Actually . . .  48%.)

This makes my averages low. . .

Daily . . . 655 word written (Should be. . . 1370)

Weekly . . .  4585 words written (Should be. . . 9,616)

Monthly . . . 19, 923 word written (Should be. . . 41,667)

Year total would be . . . 239,075 (Should be. . . 500,000)

Not even close. . . My biggest issues are time management, and focus. .. . STOP THE DISTRACTIONS.


The thing is why I am so obsessed with word count is that all the publishers, editors, and most of the groups push the word counts. Many publishers want a novel to be 80k or more. Many editors charge by the word. NaNoWriMo . . . . focus on the word count. It a number to show myself whether or not I have been productive.

However I have been fighting myself lately. . . I know I need to help out with my family. I feel guilt when they are cleaning and I am writing. However if I do NOT write, I feel even worst. I try to write at night and then I get distracted with the Internet. I think I am going to give myself a certain amount of Internet time . . . is there a happy medium?

New Hopes in January

I really am disappointed at myself . . . I barely wrote 4,000 and some words this week.  I need to write at least 9K per week to keep up my goal of 500,000 words for the year. I’m going to see how I do at the end of this month. One week cannot determine how my overall goals will go. I have been so easily distracted with the damn internet.

However I also edited 7 hours this week.

That brings me to another problem  . . .  I found out that NaNoWriMo prizes all end by Jan 31st and I have two projects that I want books out of (which there are two programs I can do but I don’t have time to edit and rewrite both projects. it sucks!) I hate to admit this but I picked the project that I felt would meet the deadline not the one I am passionate about at the moment. I just ready want a book that is edited out this year under the name Rebekah Quinne.