Is it July yet?

June has been bad: lots of emotional damage. I cannot wait for it to end. 

July is going to be for me.
I am going to work on my writings for camp nano.

 I’m excited, I have two projects I could work on. . . I will post more about them later in the week. They are both very naughty. 

This weekend I will post these two projects and see which one feels better. 

Chapter 7 done, now onto chapter 8

I’m working on the last novella of my thriller trilogy. It’s going to have ten chapters, and I am almost done. 

I would had it finished it sooner, but between the heat causing my health issues (with no ac) and frisky guys distracting me, it didn’t get done until now. 

I hope to get chapter 8 and 9 done before July. Ten is going to a very hard chapter. There will be lots of head on head imaging and it is the ending, so I need to bring everything together. 

I also realize that I will never get away from my paranormal genre. It’s my true passion. Even in this novella ghosts show up. *rolls eyes and shrugs*

My writing wish list

My current writing wish list

  1. Wooden desk with lots of drawers
  2. Place with a/c
  3. Spots for my computer and drinks (hot and cold)
  4. Funny mug collection (with cat or writing jokes)
  5. Four book shelves (one for thriller/horror, one for books written by friends, one where I suggest people to read aka favorites, and one of mine and nonfiction)
  6. Speakers for my computer
  7. Pens and notebooks

Still Pushed Back

I am borrowing mt mom’s tablet when I can, but its hard to do big projects without my own computer. No offence to this flat, portable technology, but I miss my own keyboard and my own electric world. I have media and my music, my set up. I know that other writers or computer people know what I am saying. 

I waited several weeks, ordered my computer cord on amazon, to have it get lost and be two days late only for it to not fit on my computer. It was 19V and I need a 15V GRRRRRRRRRR. Now I have to find a printer so I can print out a return receipt and send it back.
It was fates way of saying I need to continue with my hand written stuff. I’ve also been dealing with health issues, so I feel I damned if I do, and damned if I dont. Again: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

I have several projects I want to do. I plan to use Camp NaNo to help me. 

I’m losing myself

I don’t usually complain about I love shopping, I have tons of friends who sell their books there. I love shopping and to my wish list. I getting extra things for free shipping. 

However it had been over three years since I have bought something other than my friends books. My brother said if I got prime that we would get two day free shipping, which we learned today was a useless joke. They sent it through the mail instead of fed ex, and it was coming from Florida. Florida  to Ohio on average takes three business day to get there. So why would anyone send it in regular mail? 

My brother was getting video game and I was getting a cord to charge my current dead computer. I have to write this on my mom’s tablet while hurts my hands. 

Then I talked two customer service agents first one said it was lost in transit and then she gave me promise or what I understood, her accent got in the way. They found it at 5 pm  and it was in a building 30 minutes away.  I called the second agent who was easier  to understand  and so much friendlier. She understood my problem, but cannot help until  the night of 6th and said the first agent had no idea what she was talking about. 

I was looking forward to typing up on my computer, but no. It’s my sanity. But no why does all of this crap happen to me?

I feel unlike myself because I can’t write. I mean sit at a table or a desk with my soda, all of my notes, comfy clothes, and my computer  with music.

Back and forth

The thing with having anxiety and depression together is that my decisions and emotions go back and forth. 

One second, I am excited about getting my computer cord, and the next moment, I just don’t care. 

I  feel so inconstant. I try my best to keep my characters as constant as possible. I will even reread my work 20 times over just to keep my character together. 

One day, I will write 20 pages, and the next day I can barely get a sentence together. 

How am I supposed to get projects done when I am not writing every day? 

Tis the season. . . Aaaashhhooooo

It is really hard to work on writing when you’re eyes are puffy and watering like the Niagara Falls. 

They mowed the grass on Tuesday. Then today and Wednesday it’s been raining. My sinuses are going crazy. I’m either watery, nose running or so dried up that I’m getting migraines. 

My writer’s enemy next to writers block, my sinuses. 

If I can’t see, can’t focus, and can’t breath right, it’s really hard to write.

I hope I get my computer cord soon, and my sinuses calm down.