I have dreams

I have a dream of being a successful published author in multi genres. I have different pen names for each.

However I’ve ran into several people who think that writing is not a realistic dream.

To be honest, writing is the major thing I am still alive. . . whether is was writing a grocery list,  a journal for self or therapy, or a story. . . I feel most myself when I put words on paper or a screen.

I cannot express how truly important writing is to me. (So important that I am writing through hands cramping and pelvic pain when I sit down. I mean I can go months, even years without sex, but I cannot even go a day without writing.)

I CANNOT be with someone  who does not support my writing dreams.

If you don’t believe in art or writing as dreams or that I will be successful with my writings, please move on. I do NOT need negative people in my life.


Camp NaNoWriMo: Day 7

I met to write this yesterday as it 10:36 am on Day 8, but day 7: I have written 10,105 words.

I gave myself a goal of 30,000 in  30 days.

So I only needed 7,000, but I love being a head. It would be even more awesome if I finish the novella or get 50,000 this month.

I wanted to write over 500,000 words in a year. . . However I also need to find time edit, cook, and do my other errands.

My sleep schedule and my muses motivation keep inter-passing, but I still 10,000 words. I could only imagine what when happen when my sleep schedule and muses work together.  Maybe I’ll get 10,000 in one day. I think my record was 12,000 . . . I wrote a chapter and a half.

It just seems that my muses like to write between 1am and 6am, but lately I have been been falling asleep around 11pm. However if I have errands. . . I barely sleep. GRRRR My mind and body work against me. . . Sigh.

I plan to finish chapter 1 today, so I start a new chapter in a new week.

April: Camp NaNoWriMo, again.

I’m writing an adult piece since most of my muses keep pushing that way.

I working on the title.

I plan to publish but not under this pen name.

My goal is 30,000 word by April 30th which is 1,000 per day. Its a reasonable goal with my health.

I’m writing my colored notes and outline now.

Good luck to my fellow writers.

Writing Challenges (possible fixes)

  • Internet which can be a list of distractions
  • Chatting
  • Gaming
  • Facebook stuff
  • Blogging
  • Looking websites
  • Emailing
  • Personals

(I can give myself internet time for reward for reaching a certain number count. Note: buy a timer or use a timer on tablet.)

  • TV

(Writing sprints during commercials if show doesn’t re-air. If the show re-airs, then watch it later, write first.)

  • Health
  • Depression/anxiety/worry (write out feelings)
  • Nightmare or dreams (twisted them into stories)
  • Sleep issues (if you can focus write or write notes)
  • Pelvic pain (see a doctor soon.)
  • Hands: swollen/ painful joints (Writing sprints and take breaks)
  • Errand (bring notebook for notes, scenes outlines etc.)
  • Friends (notebooks or write before or after visit.)

Note: not I have possible fixes there are no excuses

Damn it my hands. . . Grrr

I love to write. The feel of a good pen in my hands as it glides on the page. It invites the words, the color, the creativity.

However my hands have been swelling and cramping for weeks now. I tried water pills, but I sleep and they are swollen again. There are cramps as I write. Pushing down on my palm hurts, moving it too much hurts.

It hurts to hold a pen or a fork. It hurts to make a fist. These damn cramps. I probably have arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

I refuse to give up my writing. I felt due my ear issue, I had give up music. I’m not giving up my writing too.

Maybe I can get my computer fixed soon . . . So I can type more.

I’m going to the doctor soon.

Yay, dances, Its finished.

I’m so excited that on Thursday night I finished my thriller novella trilogy called “Driving Lies.”

It’s been a working project since 2011. I started it on my third Nanowrimo.

It was based on a script I started in high school. I took the scenes I liked the best and retweaked them.

The last five chapters of book 3 are hand written as my laptop is down again. . . It’s like a lemon of a car. Sigh. Now my writing hand is swollen and sore. . . I probably have carpal tunnel syndrome.

So I’m giving myself a few days off for some major writing. I think I deserved it.

I’m excited and disappointed that it’s finished. . . At least draft one.

I know I will lots of editing and rewrites, but I feel like my favorite part of the process is done. Sighs.

Now to edit once a week, and a new project.

I just hope get it published and for the rest of the world to read by early next year. I hope they enjoy it.

I have to thank my muses for not shuttingbup or stopping even when I was in pain. I got so much accomplished.

Random writing facts about me

  1. I feel I can never write too much.
  2. I can clean and cook, but I am not productive unless I am writing.
  3. I love to write lists, menus, grocery, to-do, idea etc.. It helps me to be organized and calm my anxiety.
  4. I’m picky about my co-writers and editors. I feared people will take my ideas.
  5. I feel accomplished when my pen runs out. Papermate pens run out fast. Bic pen take longer and they are a big accomplishment.
  6. I love writing by hand. Pen and paper do not electricity.
  7. I need to read more.
  8. I have at least five projects in my head.
  9. I fight my depression and my exhaustion vs my productive writing.
  10. I currently have at least four active blogs, and several inactive older blogs. I will post links on another page.
  11. I write poetry, short stories, novellas, novels, and blogs.
  12. I love to write. It is who I am, a writer. I hope someday for a professional publisher to publish and sell my work.
  13. I am obsessed with number 13 and put it my writings often.