Writing Goals for 2017


Writing Goals for 2017

  1. I want to write 1 to 4 hour (averaging at 2.5).
  2. I want to give myself 3 to 10 (20 minutes) word sprints daily (averaging 5)
  3. I want to finish old projects.
  4. I want to work on some new project ideas.
  5. I want to explore new genres.
  6. I want to get some short stories published.
  7. I want to write 200 blogs (over all of my blogs)
  8. I want to write about my depression and anxiety.
  9. I want to enter some contests. (Including Camp NaNoWriMo and NaNoWriMo)
  10. I know I NEED to edit several projects.
  11. I just want to write something everyday.
  12. I want to write more books reviews.
  13. I want to read more. (2 books a month.)

New Project Ideas

  1. Adult works
  2. Blog Prompts
  3. Story Prompts
  4. Writing Tips
  5. Romance
  6. Spirituality
  7. Anxiety and depression ideas
  8. Diabetes project
  9. Character video project

Projects that I need to Finish

  1. Love Need Time (rewrite novel idea)
  2. Hero project (comic idea)
  3. DWAG (online soap opera)
  4. College story
  5. Driving Lies part 3

Projects I need to edit

  1. The Whisper Path
  2. Melzela
  3. Darken Cake
  4. Many short stories
  5. Driving Lies Parts 1 & 2

I think I can, I think I can (type)


Encouragement for writing

I can in encourage others very well. I am a good fluffy cheerleader. However I am horrible at encouraging myself. I am writing this for myself and others.

Writing is about having fun. You should be enjoying what you are doing. You may not enjoy all aspects of writing, but you like something about it . . . if so then why are you doing it?

Do NOT let others discourage you!

  • Writing is not a fad or fetish.
  • You do NOT write too much.
  • It is NOT a stupid hobby.

If you have error simply correct it. We are only human.

  • Think of it this way, even the most harsh, bitter critics secretly want to help.
  • Do not take criticism so personally.
  • If you make a mistake, then fix it.
  • Not everyone with like your work.


  • The brain is a muscle you must exercise it to keep it running.
  • Prompts are good.
  • Draft #1 is not perfection.
  • Some authors edit dozens of times before it gets in the publishers hands.
  • Write short stories, poetry, blogs. . . just keep writing.

Books are your friend.

  • Read as much as you can.
  • Read books in the genre your writing.

The writing process is a journey.

  • Some may be a head of you. Some may behind you.
  • Just because someone else has a book or ten published, it does not mean your book is any less or that you are too slow.

Focus on your own work.


  • There are many distractions out there.
  • There are many discouraging things.
  • Stay focused. YOU CAN DO IT!

In order not to get overwhelmed divide your book into small goals.

  • So many words per week
  • Or a chapter per ten days.
  • Remember NOT everyone will enjoy your work.

Focus on the story you want to tell.

Version A is for you. Version B is for everyone else.

Now tell yourself.

  • I am a writer.
  • I enjoy what I do.
  • I write because I have story to tell.
  • I write, because I have fun.
  • I will become better with practice.
  • I will give myself goals.
  • I will achieve those goals.
  • I can write a book.

My Writing Vs Non-Supporters


Writer Vs Non-supporters


It is really hard to write when you live with non-supporters!


I’ve been told…

  1. “You write too much!”
  2. “Writing is overrated.”
  3. “Books are going obsolete.”
  4. “Stop writing and do something worth your time!”
  5. “Vampires & ghosts have been overdone.”
  6. “Your grammar sucks!”
  7. “Why try?”
  8. “There is no way you will finish a book.” (This one for reading and writing)
  9. “You are wasting your time!”
  10. “Writing is unstable!”
  11. “You cannot make money from writing!”
  12. “If you have no money, then you might as well quit mow. You cannot write a book without money.”

It’s hard to win get started when you feel like you are set up to fail. They made me feel like a failure, and like I will never succeed. How do I know if I can climb the mountain, unless I try to climb it first?
This does not help my depression and anxiety that they know I have. I also get mix emotions when they get me a computer with a pen with it, but complain whom I am on it too much . . .go figure!

There is something I have learned (beside my hatred for cleaning) . . . I’ve learned that I can clean the whole house: make everything freaking sparkle, make a seven course meal, serve the meal to lots of guests (which also makes me anxious) and do errands, clean up after those guests, and pay all of the bills…  BUT if I did NOT write that day, I felt unproductive!

To me writing isn’t just telling a story to someone:

  1. It is expressing myself and giving the readers a little piece of me.
  2. It’s also my therapy as page listens way better than most noisy people.
  3. It is also my escape and my hope.
  4. It is my creation.

To those who do NOT support me writing, then you do NOT know me. I’m a good person, and I have been writing for over 25 years; I do NOT think it is a waste. Then you might as well say that all of my education was a waste too, and I think it was not. If you want to drop me, leave and stop supporting me, fine. I’m sorry for lost, but not the fact that you’ll probably be victims in my next novels . . . * evil laugh with lighting in the background*


My Writing Vs My Health


Writing Vs My Health

I have several health issues that have me sleeping more and writing less. (Anemia, Diabetes, and Sleep Apnea just to name a few. . .) My sleep have been so bad that I have choked more than once falling asleep while eating. (Even after a full night sleep. . )

I wish I was younger, and I could just fill up on caffeine and write for hours. (However this is the wrong house hold for that, but that is another blog.)

There are times I’m just so exhausted that I cannot focus. There are times I’m sad or easily distracted.
Non writers/artist just do not always understand from hard it can be to get motivated, inspired, and in that writing groove.

Sometimes I’m deep into thought or into my story, and I had no idea first how much time has gone by . . . (That to me is pure bliss!)

Other times, I am deep in thought, and I get interrupted . . . then lose my thought. I get so flustered that it exhausts me. (It happens a lot in the house I am currently living in. It can be frustrating; again different blog.)

There are times I have to focus on writing a time so long it take all my energy out of me. There are times where it takes forever for me to write just a few lines; it’s so frustrating. Then I get sad because I sleep more than write. My depression makes me tired, so it’s a bad cycle.  I used to think that sleeping should be for the dead. But there are times I feel more dead than alive.

This is just one reason why some day for NaNoWriMo, I might write 5,000 words and other days just write a 200-300 words.

I just wish I could get better, so I can write some more!

NaNoWriMo Reward System


NaNoWriMo Reward System


Things I Like (Rewards)                                   Word Count                               

  • Candy                                                             100 per piece
  • Chocolate                                                       250 per piece
  • Soda                                                              1000 per cup/can
  • Hot Chocolate (Gourmet)                                 1000 per cup
  • Play Neopets                                                  1000 per 15 minutes
  • Sims 2                                                            4000 per hour
  • Xbox: Sims 3                                                  7500 per 2 hours
  • Pogo: Yahtzee                                                1200 per 3 games
  • Pogo: Poppit                                                   900 per 3 games
  • Pogo: Word Whomp                                        750 per 3 games
  • Bubble Blitz                                                     1500 per 5 games
  • Sims Social                                                     2000 per game
  • Movies                                                            20,000 per movie
  • Big Bang Theory                                             3000 per episode
  • Two and Half Men                                           3000 per episode
  • How I Met Your Mother                                   3000 per episode
  • Young Hercules                                               3000 per episode
  • Ninja Warrior                                                   3000 per episode
  • Supernatural                                                   5000 per episode
  • Top Chef                                                        5000 per episode
  • Iron Chef                                                        5000 per episode
  • Chopped                                                         5000 per episode
  • Shopping                                                        25,000 per $10 limit
  • Mug                                                                10,000
  • Blanket                                                           36,000
  • Hair clips                                                         10,000
  • Make new playlist                                            2,500
  • Waste time (20 minutes)                                  2,000
  • Facebook time (20 minutes)                             2,000
  • Video game Night                                            10,000
  • Veggie Break                                        1000
  • Blog Break                                                      2500
  • Painting Break                                                 20,000
  • Color Break                                                     2000
  • Forum Break                                                   1500
  • Ontray (Food)                                                 15,000
  • Favorite Dinner                                               25,000
  • Amazon ($25)                                                 50,000
  • Cheesecake                                                    10,000 (per quarter AKA two pieces)
  • Little Debbies (Snack cakes)                            500 per cake
  • Ice Cream                                                       10,000 (per bowl or small pint)
  • Pie                                                                 25,000 (making one)
  • Bubble bath                                                    2000
  • Baking (2 hours)                                              25,000
  • Free time (2 hours)                                         15,000
  • NaNoWriMo Forums                                        2000 per forum


That was my list from 2012. . .  This year I need to make a list where things are free.


2016 NaNOWriMo Reward list



Things I Like (Rewards)                                                 Word Count                                                    

  1. Candy                                                                                              100 per piece
  2. Chocolate                                                                                      250 per piece
  3. Snack cakes                                                                                   500 per cakes
  4. Encouraging pics                                                                          500 per pic
  5. Pics from Boyfriend                                                                     500 to 2500
  6. Pogo: Poppit                                                                                  300 per 1 game
  7. Yoville                                                                                             500 words (Per 10 minutes)
  8. Candy Crush                                                                                   1000 per 5 games
  9. Veggie Break (chill out- not think)                                            1000 (per ten minutes)
  10. Pogo: Yahtzee                                                                               1200 per 3 games
  11. Two and Half Men                                                                        1500 per episode
  12. How I Met Your Mother                                                              1500 per episode
  13. Dharma and Greg                                                                         1500 per episode
  14. Young Hercules                                                                             1500 per episode
  15. Hot Chocolate (Gourmet)                                                           2000 per cup
  16. Big Bang Theory                                                            2000 per episode
  17. 2 Broke Girls                                     `                                            2000 per episode
  18. Girl Meets World                                                                          2000 per episode
  19. Ninja Warrior                                                                                2000 per episode
  20. Chopped                                                                                         2500 per episode
  21. Top Chef                                                                                         2500 per episode
  22. Supernatural                                                                                  2500 per episode
  23. Iron Chef                                                                                        2500 per episode
  24. Waste time                                                                                    2,500 (per 20 minutes)
  25. Facebook time                                                                              2,500 (per 20 minutes)
  26. Blog Break                                                                                     2500 (per blog)
  27. Color Break                                                                                    5,000 (per 20 minutes)
  28. NaNoWriMo Forum Break                                                         5,000 (per 20 minutes)
  29. Pie                                                                                                    5,000 (per Piece)
  30. Paint nails                                                                                       5,000
  31. Make new playlist                                                                        10,000 per list
  32. Video game Night                                                                        10,000
  33. Ice Cream                                                                                       10,000 (per bowl)
  34. Free time (1 hour)                                                                         15,000
  35. Movie maker time                                                                        20,000 (per 20 minutes)
  36. Movies                                                                                            20,000 per movie
  37. Favorite Dinner                                                                             25,000
  38. Baking (2 hours cookies)                                                            25,000

NaNoWriMo Survival Kit


There has been an interesting concept or theme. . . when it comes to October for writer’s of NaNoWriMo . . . many of them make survival kits. Things they will need to get through 30 days of nonstop writing frenzies.





Most of the survival kits consist of usual. . . pens, paper/notebooks, computer, sticky notes, lots of sugar and/or caffeine (coffee, tea, candy.)

Many use Halloween candy as treats or survival sugar. (Chocolate and gummy are my favorite. . . I love Charleston Chews.)


I think what is brilliant is someone said a crock pot. . . in genius. You make a meal in the morning: throw things in, plug it in, turn it on high, and by dinner time, you have roast, stew, roast chicken, casserole, or soup. (It you have a big enough crock pot, you could have dinner for days or at least lunch the next day.)




So my survival kit. . . 

  1. colored pens
  2. Notebook
  3. Notes
  4. Outlines
  5. Candy
  6. hot cocoa
  7. Coffee/ tea
  8. Snacks: chips, crackers
  9. Timer
  10. Computer
  11. Supportive, encouraging boyfriend
  12. Reward list
  13. Cell phone

Things I will need to avoid. . . Internet, cleaning, and crying little sisters.


Introduction: My Muses. . .


Most people would be put in a mental hospital for having many different pieces of personality. I don’t have different personalities –I am a writer & storyteller: I have muses!

I have given them names and roles

Emma is all drama!!
Chlorine is chaotic craziness.
Emma and chorine are sisters. They love to argue about what conflict the characters are in and what direction my characters should go.

Jack is my male voice also known as Jack of all trades. Me has a loud & big ego or is always studying. If he doesn’t know how to do something; he will study until he is a master at it. He has a big ego and if his ego is bruised, it’s hard to get him to work.

Luna is my sci-fi & horror buff.
Kelly is the scream queen of horror (she is either valley or horror depends on her mood: She likes shopping or blood.)
Mary is Kelly’s younger sister. (She like things bloody. She is fearless.) (There is a reason why I write better at night. . . Kell’s dark side, Luna, and Mary all like to work at night. People at night act different than during the day. That is a blog onto it’s self. )
They work on paranormal and horror aspects of the stories. They like to work on how my characters die, get tortured, and kill. They will work with Jack on fights scenes.

Sandy is my girly girl (sometimes she is not always with it as her head is in the clouds) she is all romance. She would add the softness/gentleness and the romance in my stories. She get excited when a character has a crush on someone.

Starre is has open hippie and easy tramp. She works on the openness in characters and enjoys telling and inspiring the erotic stories. (She has a hard time dealing with stubborn characters.)


I’ve been so down (depressed) lately that even my muses are in therapy.  (I just keep having the word “You write too much.” Echo and haunt my head. I just feel I am not in an environment that promotes/encourages my writing. I have had writer’s block since.)

My characters are all stuck because my muses are really confused and depressed. . .


Emma is sitting in a chair as if she is at a therapist office talking to air about how her sister Chlorine likes to watch others bounce in a rubber room while wearing sparkling strait jackets. She is also gossiping about made rumors of characters I haven’t even created yet.
Chlorine is binge watching drama TV shows on Netflix, and believing all of the characters are real.


Jack has been distracted with books and learning. He constantly has his nose in a book, and is always trying to learn something new. He reads all of the time; in the bathroom, taking a bath, cooking; he has even burnt a meal or two. (Ironically it was a book on how not to burn food.)

Kelly thinks she is at a bar in the middle of the mall in which all of the stores are closed.

Luna is analyzing the sky and hoping to write fanfiction . . . none of her stories are finished.

Mary has been pretending to dig up random graves in a cemetery with Sam and Dean Winchester (supernatural) and Scooby doo gang.

Starre has been pretending to work the corner, but there are no cars.


I’ve been trying to get them to work together on my next book, but nothing has struck their interest. I hope by November they are able to work on NaNoWriMo with me.