Writing Confession #4

I have never had a first draft without missing words, spelling mistakes, or grammar errors. 

I mean how can I not make a mistake when my characters are telling their stories, my muses are trying the twists and turns. . . the “OMG” moments. Then they both want to walk away from my outline and explore the path untraveled. They always seem to have ideas when I am exhausted or miserable.

I also rush when I write my first draft as that is when my inspiration hits me.

I’m also worried about my word count, especially when I write in November (NaNoWriMo).

Even on my blogs, I read and reread before I hit send to make sure things sound right, and I even miss things afterward. (It really irks me.)

I will problem have ten even twenty drafts of scenes and stories before I send it out to a publisher. I also cannot afford an editor at the moment.
If it is just for fun or with a friend, I will check once, maybe twice, because most of my co-writers understand my writing issues.

I am not perfect; therefore, my writing will not be perfect.


Writing Confession #3

I have written more, in the last two months, in a hospital than I have at home. 

I have learned something about myself. . . I write well in the middle of chaos. I like having things going on around me that I am not involved it. It keeps my mind constantly going. The only disadvantage is that it can cause me to get drained and exhausted.
At home, 9 times out of 10, I’m already exhausted before I write.
I really want a place where I feel I can write. 😦 Writing at home is hard.



Writing Confession #2

I have learned something even though you sit at a desk and write a book. . . you technically never write alone. 

You have you characters and muses arguing with you. They always want to go into the scary woods even though is not planned and 20 days off your writing path. LOL

Then you get the beta readers who give suggestions, some good and some bad. It’s like advice; you can take it or leave.

Then editors telling you change the same scene three times and then they are fine with the original . Grrrrrr

So in the end you really are never writing alone. 

Writing Confession #1

I do NOT read as much as I should. I have been told that for every book you write, you should read at least 10 in that genre. However it 2/3 through the month and I haven’t finished the list of books I want to read this month.

August: a month to read. . .

I just keep easily distracted. (I am more distracted against reading that I am with writing.)

  1. I like to write.
  2. Facebook is a huge distraction: I like too many mindless games.
  3. A good distraction is my boyfriend.
  4. I keep having eye issues and migraines. . . maybe it from reading from a screen too long.
  5. Cleaning: It’s like it is never done.
  6. Health issues.
  7. I’ve helping some sick family members as well.
  8. Endless Errands.
  9. Google
  10. Music

I will continue to finish my goals in September as well. October I am getting ready for NaNoWriMo. I will try to finish at least 2 out of the six things that I have listed.

I know I need to read more. 


August: a month to read. . .

I have decided that I have not read enough this past year. I know as a writer, you need to read. You need to know what those in your genre are doing, so you can know what sells and what doesn’t.

I am reading this month

“Misery” by Stephen King

“The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins

“The Vampire Armand” by Anne Rice


I am also beta reading/ reviewing

“Journey” by Diane Nebelung

“Blackbeard’s Daughter” by Diana Strenka

I think that if I manage to get through 5 books, that would be a good think for me. I have some many other books that I want to read. I hope to add another three in September, and I want, at least, two more in October. November is dedicated to my 50,000 words.