Everything happens. . .

Everything happens for a reason. . . 

I have been cleaning, dealing with some stress and personal issues. It has pushed my writing back. I have managed to get some writing done here and there, but the it’s only been pieces of it. (Pieces are better than nothing, I agree.)

However with all of this spring cleanings, I might get five or ten minutes here or there. . . it depends on which room I rest in on whether, I just chill, write, or get on the Internet. Obviously, I am on the Internet right now. And I have tumblr account. . . connected to this account. . . https://www.tumblr.com/blog/rebekah1213

Anyway, I was updating my tumblr and a picture an newish actor came on my homepage. . . and now I know who I can use as the inspiration for my old “Poe” Character. He has to get a make over . . . I have changed his name, some of his personality, and some of his look. . .  As have mentioned in previous blogs. . . https://rebekahquinne.wordpress.com/2016/04/21/rip-poe/

Anyway, so I am excited again. . . I plan to get some inspiration, write some note, get motivation and work on Book 2. . . Yay!

So I was supposed to clean crazily for two weeks. . . to find him (Note: I will not reveal my inspiration, because of people like Ellen Page who has issues over people admiring and using their likeness in stories and video games. All I will say is he is in a comic movie and he is a newish actor.)


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