Goals and Camp NaNoWriMo



I posted two previous blogs giving myself goals. . . I am giving myself a progress report.

I really do not know how many hours I have written. I do know that some days I wrote more and other days I am picking at my writing. Honestly, if I have to guess at my hours of writing this month it would between 25 to 33 hours of writing. 63% to 83% 
(I didn’t have a single project I was working on. I know I rebelled. If you count all of my chats, e-mails, lists, diary entries, blogs, fictional pieces. . . I have written over 60,000 words this month, which is good. I rocked my word count goal of 45,000.)

So minus some emotion issues and many distraction. . . (dumb cold/sinuses, I am talking to you.) I have done really well.


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