Easily Distracted

I am distracted, yes again.

It’s day 2, in my editing, be to honest, I have six hours of editing in, but I look at my editing now. I’m just like meh. (the thing is I have several pieces I can edit and the motivation is just not there. Why is that?)

I am a writer. I hate to edit.

It goes in this order, writing, reading, cooking and somewhere way down the line of me is editing.  (If I had reading friends and money: I would simply pay them to find errors and confusion in my works.)

I love to write, create, and inspire, but right now I am just fighting with sucky wifi.

I was up today by 9 am: dinner was in the slow cooker by 9:45 am and yet now it’s noon and I have none of my editing done. Sigh.

March is going to be a long month.


Writing vs the Holiday

  1. I love to write.
  2. I love to cook.
  3. I love to bake.
  4. I love to color.
  5. I love to listen to music. (And sing along)
  6. I love to watch movies.
  7. I love to go shopping.

    Most of these are in random order, except my writing. I love to write. It is my passion. 

    So with the holidays, I am always busy in the kitchen. I am making the turkey this year, and I will be very busy Thursday and Friday with my male friend. (Long story, but I’ll explain in my other blog soon. Http://beckyms1213blog.wordpress.com )

    I want to double my word count for the rest of of Nanowrimo.  I hope I get to 50,000 words by November 30th. 

    I know I have said this before, but I can make a seven course meal, clean the entire house, be on 4 hours of sleep, pay all of the bills, go shopping, and if I do not write something, I feel my day is unproductive

    I know a good meal, nice, and a clean place, feels good, but without writing, I just do not feel accomplished anything at all. 

    Writing for me, even just 5 minutes or 8 hours is something special.

     It is a chaotic, artistic, sweet moment to see my colorful thoughts go from black and white to color again. 

    So I hope I get sometime to write. I still need to cook and hang out with my friend. 

    My muses

    I love coffee almost as much as I love Pepsi.

    If I were to take all of my muses in a coffee shop.  I personally will not pay 5 dollars or more for a coffee. If I got blender, I can make my own mocha frappe. I’m happy with a cup of maxwell house coffee mixed with flavored creamers.


    1.  Chorline: caramel latte with artistic steam milk and will Instagram a pic before drinking
    2.  Emma: French Vanilla cappuccino
    3. Mary: black with sugar
    4. Jack: strong black
    5. Starre: chocolate flavored coffee with cream and sugar and whipped cream
    6. Luna: French Vanilla latte
    7. Kelly: iced mocha

    Writing Goals Vs Reality

    My Writing Goals Vs Reality

    I just posted that I want 60,000 to 70,000 words by November 30th. https://rebekahquinne.wordpress.com/2016/10/27/nanowrimo-2016-goals/
    When in reality, I am barely averaging 500 words per day.

    500 times 30 equals 15,000 words (only about 30%)

    My problems is I have many more challenges this year. . .

    1. My daily to-do list (Cleaning, and dealing with the cats, but it takes a good portion of the day)*
    2. Errands: Pay bills, shopping, getting things together etc
    3. Getting Interrupted “Becky, do this. . .” “Becky did you do that?” “Becky stand on your head.”etc
    4. Birthdays
    5. Time with my boyfriend
    6. Time with my friends
    7. And a new family member.


    *Average to-do list. . .

    1. (Get Up)
    2. Feed Dog
    3. Let Dog out
    4. Give Callie (Cat) her heart med
    5. Give Callie her ear med
    6. Give Callie her pain med
    7. Give Elmo (Cat) his special treat for upper respiratory issues.
    8. Feed Outdoor cats
    9. Sweep bathroom
    10. Cat Litter room 1
    11. Cat litter room 2
    12. Take blood sugar
    13. Let Dog out again
    14. Eat
    15. Errands: (can be up to 4 hours we’re gone)
    16. If home, do laundry or clean room or basement
    17. Help with dinner: cook
    18. Eat
    19. Clean kitchen
    20. Feed indoor cats
    21. (I also can add clean bathroom, pet water, food bowls, replace litter etc at least twice each week)

    Then if I have everything thing done

    1. Write
    2. Internet
    3. Sleep


    I just hope I get energy to get everything done.

    Flash Fiction: Eatable Anticipation

    Back story: I am have several other hobbies besides writing. Cooking is one of them. I am a huge fan of Marcel Vigneron. I found some pictures and this what inspired me. This is a fictional flash piece.  I have not been to his new restaurant WOLF yet. I want to . . . imagine what I could write about after I taste it.


    Flash Fiction: Eatable Anticipation.

    By: Rebekah Quinne


    He searched and pondered to find a small piece of an exciting hope, of pure inspiration. . . He needed just to find a color, a smell, a single moment in which a spark of pure stimulation would help him to create artistic food that appeals to all of the senses.

    He walked into the golden field to fall away from the pressure to simply to be one with nature. He wanted to connection with life of his food in hope his muses will bless him with the special touch. The wind blows just so lightly and it hit him . . . Use all of the food, and let it speak for itself.


    He desired to tell the ultimate story with his food. He wanted his customers to never forget the moment that they did not just see art, but tasted it. He wanted them to have an experience with the food, not just another simple meal.

    He wanted them to fall in love with the entire wholeness of each protein, vegetable, and fruit. He wanted them to experience the beauty of the colors for what they are . . . to see the pureness in the roots, the swipe of the stunning juice of the blushing vegetable.  He wanted them to allow their palette to dance with the taste while the scent teased.


    The circular lights may dim, the laughter may fade, but the realness of the experienced senses will be remembered. . .

    Check out WOLF https://twitter.com/wolfdiningla