Random writing facts about me

  1. I feel I can never write too much.
  2. I can clean and cook, but I am not productive unless I am writing.
  3. I love to write lists, menus, grocery, to-do, idea etc.. It helps me to be organized and calm my anxiety.
  4. I’m picky about my co-writers and editors. I feared people will take my ideas.
  5. I feel accomplished when my pen runs out. Papermate pens run out fast. Bic pen take longer and they are a big accomplishment.
  6. I love writing by hand. Pen and paper do not electricity.
  7. I need to read more.
  8. I have at least five projects in my head.
  9. I fight my depression and my exhaustion vs my productive writing.
  10. I currently have at least four active blogs, and several inactive older blogs. I will post links on another page.
  11. I write poetry, short stories, novellas, novels, and blogs.
  12. I love to write. It is who I am, a writer. I hope someday for a professional publisher to publish and sell my work.
  13. I am obsessed with number 13 and put it my writings often.


Well . . . as I said before my ex is threatening me to change one of my character’s name. I did some research and I have decided to change it. (A lot has happened, and I thought I would be nice.)

So I have been researching names all over again to see what would go well with my character, and now I have a list. However I think I have decided. I will not announced it though, because I need to give some of my book mystery. (I also don’t want certain people telling others and then next I know I will have to delete the entire character. I will NOT do that; I will NOT delete that entire character! I like this character, and he is a vital part in the second book, which I want to start putting together soon.)


RIP Poe. . . You were an interesting character . . . and although my ex picked your name, I liked it. You were like a solider version of Edgar Allen Poe.
I feel like I am telling one of my favorite actors . .
“Sorry, things got complicated and we are recasting you.”

Or Telling my Characters. . .
“It’s not you, it’s me.” Fuck it, it’s not either one of us, it’s a selfish jerk, who only want credit for our work. (I know the jerk is sick right now, but I am know, if something happens, he going to make sure that someone is looking out for the name change.)

I just know that the name Thorsten (His human name), Torsten (His son’s name), and Poe (Vampire name. . . Thorsten and Poe are same character) has to go. I also know that the story is getting tweaked. I feel like I have to use my second string, because my first string got into damn legal trouble . . . and it wasn’t their fault. They were just holding for a friends. (Grrr, some friend.* rolls eyes *)
Maybe my second string is stronger and more bold, who knows. However, all I know is that I have change my game strategy/story all because I had to tweak this player/character.  (I mean: do you know how many notes I have to change, because of the name. . . hundreds. I have been working on this project since 2008. I guess I have some work to do. . .  wish me luck.)

Tug of War

I have been thinking a lot about my vampire project, which I usually don’t bring up much. I just do NOT want others to tell me to make the vampires sparkly or other weird ideas. . . It’s why I am working alone.
I have been getting more and urges to work on Book 2 of my vampire series The Crimson Shadows Collection.
I love that feeling . . . that pull/tug to get back into writing.
I just do not know how deep the inspiration pool is for this book. I’m not sure if I should stew the ideas or if my muses and characters are ready. . . I’m hoping deep enough to let work on it 2 hours per day.
But who knows. . . I need to go back into my work and see what pops out.

I also have to change a character’s name.  https://rebekahquinne.wordpress.com/2016/03/09/bait-and-switch/

Happy writing.

New Hopes in January

I really am disappointed at myself . . . I barely wrote 4,000 and some words this week.  I need to write at least 9K per week to keep up my goal of 500,000 words for the year. I’m going to see how I do at the end of this month. One week cannot determine how my overall goals will go. I have been so easily distracted with the damn internet.

However I also edited 7 hours this week.

That brings me to another problem  . . .  I found out that NaNoWriMo prizes all end by Jan 31st and I have two projects that I want books out of (which there are two programs I can do but I don’t have time to edit and rewrite both projects. it sucks!) I hate to admit this but I picked the project that I felt would meet the deadline not the one I am passionate about at the moment. I just ready want a book that is edited out this year under the name Rebekah Quinne.

What’s in a Name?

When I chose names for my characters, I research meanings and cultures. I didn’t do anything different for my new Surname. . . . I looked at different names for me, and what they meant. I wanted something that said I write drama and horror.

Quinne is another version of Quin. . .  which means several things . .  descendent of conn (chief):  wise or reasonable, Intelligent, or Counsel.

I just feel this would fit my pen name as Rebekah Quinne, than Rebekah Wolveire (French means of Wolves or Wolverine.) I write ghosts, witches, vampires, murders, and a lot of drama.

Links on the name Quinne



http://www.behindthename.com/name/quinn     http://www.behindthename.com/name/conn



Welcome: New Year, New Image

I was originally Rebekah Wolveire, but I felt the pen name just did not work for me.

However I will still have my older post still up on my other page. http://RebekahWolveire.wordpress.com 

Goal: I plan to rewrite and edit two of my works, and my plan is to have them ready by June.

I am working on NaNoWriMo in January. . . https://www.facebook.com/groups/879823538766237/?ref=bookmarks 
I am rewriting my book The Whispering Path. It was just too long, and I feel it needs more action in it.