New Surveys. . . April 2016 Part 1

I have to give credit where credit is due. . . One of my facebook friends Deborah Riley-Magnus who post a daily writing theme question. So I have collected the questions and made them into a survey.

Deborah Riley Magnus writes daily questions on her facebook site.

I put them together and make a survey. Please give her credit if you use any of the questions.

This is April part 1, I hope to have Jan through March posted soon.

Author survey question of the day … When you know you will be writing a big scene, do you make a lot of preparation? Yes, I usually have pages of research, and many pages of notes plus sticky notes.
Research choreography for weapon battle? Yes, I research weapons, how fighter stand, what was common at the time of the battle.
Plan out the argument or conflict? Sometimes, depends on how big the fight is.
Prepare emotionally for writing that scene? Lots of coffee and chocolate. LOL

Author survey question of the day … When are you most productive as a writer? Writing and editing are two different things and I would best at two different times.
At the butt crack of dawn? I edit best then.
Mid-morning? I edit.
Afternoon? Good with sprint writing, or writing with notes.
Evening? Good with sprint writing, or writing with notes.
Or in the dead of night? Good for researching and outlining. I also usually take notes, unless my muses really push a scene.
When do the words flow most easily? Writing wise. . . muses work best between the hours of noon and 7pm. Of course that is when it is the hustle and bustle of the day.

Author survey question of the day … While writing, do you take meal breaks? I break for dinner, sometime lunch or breakfast.
Or do you eat at the keyboard? I have but I watch the crumbs on my keyboard.

Author survey question of the day … It’s a rainy spring day here. I want to laugh! Tell us about a scene you READ that made you laugh out loud. Please share the author and book title, too. The beginning of the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I found it entertaining where she was talking about her sister’s cat.


Author survey question of the day …Have you ever written a book so far out of your comfort zone that it still sits in a silent file or drawer? Yes, I have several project started and not finished because my muses lost interest or the topic was just not in my comfort zone.
A book in a genre or stylistic attempt you’re unsure whether you want anyone to know you wrote it? Hmmm, maybe romance.

Author survey question of the day …What’s your favorite part of being a writer? I love creating a new world and dealing with different type of characters.
The variety of things you can write? I write short stories, blogs, novellas and novels.
The ability to tell stories that make people think, or smile, or wonder, or rage? Yes, I think I have that ability.  At least I hope so.
Or is it the simple pleasure of finishing a story and knowing it all came from your imagination? I like when I create, but the first draft doesn’t always look like much. It’s like a piece of wood you are carving before the details and the sanding.

Author survey question of the day … Do you have slow writing doldrums and fast writing spurts in the course of writing the same book? Yes, I have some scenes that go so fast.
Do you try to smooth out the writing speed, or just roll with the muse? I try to roll with my muse. . . I have learned that planning and trying to direct the muses are hard to just let it roll.

Author survey question of the day … Where do you write? I write everywhere. I always have a notebook with me. You never know when an idea will strike.
Is it a different place from where you do other things like paying bills, marketing, social networking, online shopping, etc.? Sometimes. I do think sometimes my chores, errands, and online time distract me. However you have to pay the bills.

Author survey question of the day … Do you ever discover yourself deep in the personality and psyche of one of your characters? Yes, I feel like a little piece of me is in them. My muses knew that from the start.

Author survey question of the day … Of all the books you’ve ever read, which one influenced your writing the most … and why? Fictional book. . . The Hatchet by Gray Paulsen It was a book I had to read for school, but the images just have still stayed with me. I hope to do the same with my work.
Ten Little Indians (And Then There were None) by Agatha Christie I think some of the dark visions from that story still give me nightmares. It is one of the reason why I love thrillers and horror. I find her work amazing.
I also like Anne Rice, Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe etc.

Author survey question of the day … Are you a dream scribbler? Yes.
Do you keep a notebook and pen beside your bed? I am always within a reach of a notebook and pen.
Have these dreams actually ended up in a book you’ve written? Yes, actually several of my stories are from dreams.




Whose with Who?

When I read a book or watch a movie  I have to like or be interested in the character. . .  These links and blog is all about my experience with characters. . .


I have many fictional/celebrity crushes. . .

Characters I’ve liked in the past. . .


I even had a crush on of my characters that I created named Lyric. Physically he was everything I wanted in a guy, but he was jerk. He only really cared about himself. . . I really want to reedit that book, because I was so stuck on him that my book has a section of him and my main female character Lucy. Lucy was supposed to be with Valin . . . not Lyric. Lucy and I both are draw to Lyric, so I might write a few stories about them or make The Whispering Path into a Trilogy. . . It just depends on what my muses want to do with it.


This is inspired by one of my first celebrity crushes. . . Jonathan Brandis (RIP)


Some links for my Fanfiction. . .  (I write when I get stuck with my own work.)



More questions. . .

I was asked more questions from the other day. . .


For example, the overall tone of Stephen King’s work is dark, usually, and sometimes desperate. Whereas The LOTR books are fanciful and majestic. What’s the overall tone of your work? I write horror, occult, thriller, paranormal, and dramatic . . . My horror work is bloody and dark. My drama is like opera soaps thrilling and unexpected.

Do your personal beliefs tie in a lot?  As for beliefs, some stories and character use my beliefs, but I think that all religions have some truth to them, so there is no wrong or right with my characters. I do research; I believe in many things.

I mean, could you write a character opposite you? Yes, I have several characters that are the opposite of me. They make me think from another point of view.

Someone -while not a villain- you wouldn’t live in real life? I love writing the villains actually. I mean some are evil, but most of them are misunderstood. I love watching shows like “Criminal Minds,” “True Blood,” and “Dexter” for inspiration. I write characters that are not like me many of times.


I’m always looking for friends and such, and I was talking to an acquaintance and we got into the subject of me writing novels. What I am doing with old and new projects . . . many of them are going through a reedit phase. I have learned more things about novels and editing, so I am tweaking them, yet again.

Why the reedit it? I have learned so much from other writers and novelist that I realize I was telling too much. . . I need to cut some of the useless material out of my story. The link I gave you was my first attempt at and I ended with 130,000 words. . . I need to really figure out what part was good for the story and what part was too much. I also had a crush on one of my characters, still do. I wrote more about him that the actually story at time.

Where you not happy in how it turned out? I’m an artist with words. . . I always find flaws with my work.

Also I’m interested in what drives your creative force? Everything drives my muses. . . a sunny day, a drive, indoors, outdoors. Everything and everyone in my life has some impact on my writing.

Does it come naturally or do you have to concentrate on it? I think it works better when it comes naturally. . . I go rounds when I force it and most readers can tell.