True Balance Life Vs Writing

I swear always once I get started (the writing process) and have my character talking a mile a minute. . . life always happens. We had a extended family emergency, so have we have been helping out. I am not expecting anything back, I just hope that those who need something tomorrow (funeral). . . will get what they need. (Whether it is food, a tissue or simply a hug.)

This concept brings me back to balancing things. . . . writing vs life. I understand you need to go through experiences to make you a better person, but I wish I had time to write. (I really wish I didn’t have to sleep.  I think it’s a waste. However I understand why health wise we need it.) I just wish there were more hours in a day, I guess.

It’s all a time management thing. . . I just wish I was instantly inspired during the hours that I try to schedule to write. Only in an ideal world right?

Well, I am taking time for me now and try to get some fiction out of me.


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