New Hopes in January

I really am disappointed at myself . . . I barely wrote 4,000 and some words this week.  I need to write at least 9K per week to keep up my goal of 500,000 words for the year. I’m going to see how I do at the end of this month. One week cannot determine how my overall goals will go. I have been so easily distracted with the damn internet.

However I also edited 7 hours this week.

That brings me to another problem  . . .  I found out that NaNoWriMo prizes all end by Jan 31st and I have two projects that I want books out of (which there are two programs I can do but I don’t have time to edit and rewrite both projects. it sucks!) I hate to admit this but I picked the project that I felt would meet the deadline not the one I am passionate about at the moment. I just ready want a book that is edited out this year under the name Rebekah Quinne.

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