Well . . . as I said before my ex is threatening me to change one of my character’s name. I did some research and I have decided to change it. (A lot has happened, and I thought I would be nice.)

So I have been researching names all over again to see what would go well with my character, and now I have a list. However I think I have decided. I will not announced it though, because I need to give some of my book mystery. (I also don’t want certain people telling others and then next I know I will have to delete the entire character. I will NOT do that; I will NOT delete that entire character! I like this character, and he is a vital part in the second book, which I want to start putting together soon.)


RIP Poe. . . You were an interesting character . . . and although my ex picked your name, I liked it. You were like a solider version of Edgar Allen Poe.
I feel like I am telling one of my favorite actors . .
“Sorry, things got complicated and we are recasting you.”

Or Telling my Characters. . .
“It’s not you, it’s me.” Fuck it, it’s not either one of us, it’s a selfish jerk, who only want credit for our work. (I know the jerk is sick right now, but I am know, if something happens, he going to make sure that someone is looking out for the name change.)

I just know that the name Thorsten (His human name), Torsten (His son’s name), and Poe (Vampire name. . . Thorsten and Poe are same character) has to go. I also know that the story is getting tweaked. I feel like I have to use my second string, because my first string got into damn legal trouble . . . and it wasn’t their fault. They were just holding for a friends. (Grrr, some friend.* rolls eyes *)
Maybe my second string is stronger and more bold, who knows. However, all I know is that I have change my game strategy/story all because I had to tweak this player/character.  (I mean: do you know how many notes I have to change, because of the name. . . hundreds. I have been working on this project since 2008. I guess I have some work to do. . .  wish me luck.)

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