Autocorrect: yay or blah? 

It’s been over 6 months and I can’t get my damn computer yet. .  . Grrrrrr. 

So my generous and patient mom let’s me use her tablet. I love writing stories and blogs like this, but the thing that flutters me more than helps me is the damn autocorrect. 

It’s more with chatting than blogs, but it’s horrible.  . . I finish typing a word and corrects it as if I don’t know what I am saying. I’m still wondering how it got the word Hitler from my typing the word bible?

I know I can turn if off, but this is not my tablet and it may help others, but it just flutters me. 

Unless you are in my head autocorrect, do not change my words, damn it. Besides, you do not want to be in my head. 

I know if I was editing my bigger written pieces, autocorrect  would make me go insane. 


. . .

The Ellipse ( . . . ) is usually used sparingly in novels in spacing stories in dialogue. It’s basically means to be continued or to make a long story, short etc.
I also hear that when using text/dialogue and you do not want to use the entire quote, you add the . . .
When you want to omit something that doesn’t need to be there, such as too many details, you can add. . .
However with blog writing people use it more often and I have noticed that people have complained in groups about it. I will admit I use it, probably more than I should, but I use it for emphasis. . . I want people to use it as a pause.  I use to have people pause and think about my idea. (Please do NOT think about how I broke some writing rule.)

The reason I am posting this blog is that I want people to know, yes I know the rules of writing. However to find my style of writing AKA my voice, I think sometimes you have to break or bend some writing rules.