. . .

The Ellipse ( . . . ) is usually used sparingly in novels in spacing stories in dialogue. It’s basically means to be continued or to make a long story, short etc.
I also hear that when using text/dialogue and you do not want to use the entire quote, you add the . . .
When you want to omit something that doesn’t need to be there, such as too many details, you can add. . .
However with blog writing people use it more often and I have noticed that people have complained in groups about it. I will admit I use it, probably more than I should, but I use it for emphasis. . . I want people to use it as a pause.  I use to have people pause and think about my idea. (Please do NOT think about how I broke some writing rule.)

The reason I am posting this blog is that I want people to know, yes I know the rules of writing. However to find my style of writing AKA my voice, I think sometimes you have to break or bend some writing rules.




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