I’m always looking for friends and such, and I was talking to an acquaintance and we got into the subject of me writing novels. What I am doing with old and new projects . . . many of them are going through a reedit phase. I have learned more things about novels and editing, so I am tweaking them, yet again.

Why the reedit it? I have learned so much from other writers and novelist that I realize I was telling too much. . . I need to cut some of the useless material out of my story. The link I gave you was my first attempt at and I ended with 130,000 words. . . I need to really figure out what part was good for the story and what part was too much. I also had a crush on one of my characters, still do. I wrote more about him that the actually story at time.

Where you not happy in how it turned out? I’m an artist with words. . . I always find flaws with my work.

Also I’m interested in what drives your creative force? Everything drives my muses. . . a sunny day, a drive, indoors, outdoors. Everything and everyone in my life has some impact on my writing.

Does it come naturally or do you have to concentrate on it? I think it works better when it comes naturally. . . I go rounds when I force it and most readers can tell.


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