Writing Confession #4

I have never had a first draft without missing words, spelling mistakes, or grammar errors. 

I mean how can I not make a mistake when my characters are telling their stories, my muses are trying the twists and turns. . . the “OMG” moments. Then they both want to walk away from my outline and explore the path untraveled. They always seem to have ideas when I am exhausted or miserable.

I also rush when I write my first draft as that is when my inspiration hits me.

I’m also worried about my word count, especially when I write in November (NaNoWriMo).

Even on my blogs, I read and reread before I hit send to make sure things sound right, and I even miss things afterward. (It really irks me.)

I will problem have ten even twenty drafts of scenes and stories before I send it out to a publisher. I also cannot afford an editor at the moment.
If it is just for fun or with a friend, I will check once, maybe twice, because most of my co-writers understand my writing issues.

I am not perfect; therefore, my writing will not be perfect.



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