Camp NaNoWriMo

On Monday, April 16, I was officially 4,000 over, but Tuesday I hit a depression and anxiety wall causing a major writers block. I haven’t written since tonight, and it’s just story notes for chapter 3 &4.

I hate how I instantly felt like the world was against me and it felt like I left my interesting characters left in the door.

Our (many not nice words) landlord is snapping, yelling, and complaining over issues we can’t control. Grrrrrrr. They can go. . . (Filling in not nice words again.)

I have to do a list of chores and errands and now my head is full of ideas. . . My muses are talking, my character are acting scenes I should be writing at the time I need to sleep.

My goals

  • to have chapter 3 done by tuesday.
  • Have chapter 4 done by Sunday April 29
  • Word count by April 29 35,000

My plan. . .

  • Notes, obliges, scene ideas tomorrow
  • Saturday to Monday type up chapter 3
  • Wednesday notes for chapter 4
  • Thursday to Sunday type up chapter 4

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