I have dreams

I have a dream of being a successful published author in multi genres. I have different pen names for each.

However I’ve ran into several people who think that writing is not a realistic dream.

To be honest, writing is the major thing I am still alive. . . whether is was writing a grocery list,  a journal for self or therapy, or a story. . . I feel most myself when I put words on paper or a screen.

I cannot express how truly important writing is to me. (So important that I am writing through hands cramping and pelvic pain when I sit down. I mean I can go months, even years without sex, but I cannot even go a day without writing.)

I CANNOT be with someone  who does not support my writing dreams.

If you don’t believe in art or writing as dreams or that I will be successful with my writings, please move on. I do NOT need negative people in my life.


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