My computer, eh. 

I’ve posted about my computer before- my old computer (which I briefly shared with my mom) accidentally fell out of the window and the hinge broke and I can see the wires. I’m afraid to plug it in since the internal wires are exposed, so I am not sure how broken my old computer is. . .

However my dad got me a refurbished computer for Xmas (2015).  However my step mom saw a spark when I plugged it in and made me get rid of my cord. (Which it is a very hard cord to find.)

 It took me over 15 months to find a new cord and now the used computer. 

It just really frustrates me as all I want to do it is turn on my computer, plug my headset in, and write while listening to music. But I can’t. . . grrrrr. 

I have to hand write all of my notes, and Nanowrimo project. 


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