Camp Nanowrimo 

I just want to say, I’m happy that camp nanowrimo  got to the donation goal, if I ever get some extra cash, I will donate. 

I finished with 31,461. I had changed my goal to 31k. As my mom explained I did this entire thing by hand. Between, my nervous breakdown downs, hand cramps, and health issues, it was a struggle to get those words in. 

I’ve learned a lot in the last 30 days

  • I love writing as much as I love my family and cats. However this project (and it’s just starting) is actually work. (I had a nervous breakdown, and opened an emotional pandora’s box. I have had to face my past issues, . . .the things I did, did not do, words I have said, did not say. Reviewing issues made me cry, and I have found anger, I didn’t know I even had. I’m trying to figure out how I can release that in a creative way.)
  • I’ve learned about myself. (I do not like authority. I hate being out of control, and I am still angry.) 
  • I write best at a table or desk (with my live in situation, it’s hard to get one right now.)
  • If I write more than 3.5k in a day, for this project, then  I’m overwhelmed and exhausted for the next few days. (I think I should only work on this project twice a week.)
  • I have gotten more out of this project than I have with professional therapy. 
  • I am very easily distracted with the Internet.
  •  I write best when I have caffeine and no Internet. 
  • While writing so much, coffee is my friend. 
  • I appreciate my mom pushing me even if I snap. 

My goal is have draft one by December 31st 2017, but I’m not sure how much work that is going to be. 


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