So far behind. . .

Today has been first day in a week, I have written. It was touch and go, because to be honest I lost my first 2500 words. I was frustrated, but I laughed and worked through it. 

I have to give some credit to mom . . . She has dealt with all of my mood swings and yet she is still pushing me to write even with her tablet while my computer collects dust. 

She wants me to get to my writing goal so I can treat myself with notebooks, pens (which she borrows) and cups. 

My camp nanowrimo goal 35k. If I reach 30k I will be content to allow myself to get my notebooks and pens at school time prices. If I get to my 35k I will get myself a travel cup as well. However I have four days to go to 22k to 35k . . . Can I do it?


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