Therapy vs distractions

I’ve been working well into my therapy project. I have 11,440 words in 9 days. My goal 35,000 words by the end of this month it’s about 1130 words per day.  I’m about a day a head, but I love staying a head instead of just making my goal. 

I work well when once I got into it. However if I get distracted, it is hard to get back into it. 

I’m very distracted by blogging, personals site, chatting, reading, games (candy crush, pet rescue, yatzee, mahjong etc), cooking, cleaning. . . Why can’t I just focus? I guess I am just eager to move on. My problems, emotions, and chaos did not start over night, I cannot heal irl fix this one night. 

My muses seem to be pulling me into different directions as well. I’m ok as long as they get the made therapy points I plotted out. 


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