Camp nanowrimo day 5 update. 

I didn’t get too much written today, because my sleep  schedule has been off. I did manage to get 6,526 words written in four days so I am ahead. I know with my health issues and doctor appointments, it may be tricky to get 50,000 words. I gave myself the goal of 35,000. It just averages just over 1000 words per day. If I get to 50k or over its just icing on the cake. 

Tomorrow, my goal is to make it pass the 10,000 word mark. I know I have errands to do on Friday.

The good news is that my internet is barely working so I am not that distracted.

The other thing is, I’m hand writing it this year, so my computer cannot distract me.  I’m going to go lay down to try and get a decent sleep schedule. 


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