Pushed back. 

I did finish chapter nine. Yay! I get my cup: I went to walmart and bought two 97 cent cups one with a flag and another with fireworks. I’m clumsy, so I like plastic cups better. I’ll get myself a travel mug when I finish the novella in hopefully August. I know cups are small, but in my current situation they are something everyone can use. (When I get my own place, I want mugs and cups with abstract art or funny saying. Like can’t talk until, I have this much caffeine, or don’t piss me off or you’ll end up in my novel. My mom collects towels, I collect mugs.)

I’m working on my notes and outlines for my next project: The Broken Path . I’m so disorganized. I’ll be a few days behind. The first through the third I will be working on the set up of my book. I want an outline of part one and part two before I start. I have so many notes, and I have been rereading book one. The Whispering Path by Rebekah Wolveire. (me.) (It needs be editor, but you can get it on amazon.)

I am about a third into the first book. I was shocked how much editing I need to do. I need to put my inner editor in the back burner. I am also shocked how much myself and my main character have both evolved.  (Mature is not the right word, but it’s just very weird. I think I am going into circles. I help someone out, and something bad happens or challenges me. Life right?)


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