The Reason Why

I want to thank everyone who helped me decide which project to do. 

I feel between the notes, outlines, and my crazy dreams. . . I feel I need to work on this therapy thing (especially since I feel my therapists are not helping. Doesn’t help I really can’t always get there.) 

I pissed off part of my family going back to help my ex of 8 years, who cheated on me and then I stayed  with him in the hospital on Christmas, then he had surgery before the new year, and I got to watched him die from acute cancer. I think I need to face it, so I can move on. 

I have two therapists and two doctors think between depression, anxiety and pstd that I can’t work. I think its more of my sleep and hormonal issues. (I think this project will let me know if I am ready or not.)

I do plan to work on my second project when I get overwhelmed or do my second project on the weekends. I’m working on more notes and outlines.


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