Chapter 8 is finished. Yay!

I know as a non-writer, you are probably asking why are you celebrating a finished chapter? 

Well, I know some writers can probably get series of books in the time I have barely got out this novella trilogy.  I fight my health issues almost everyday and on my good days, I over do it and then I am down for extra days.

I wish I could grab a bagel, flavored coffee, and write a chapter a day. But some days I have a cold rag on my eyes because of a migraine, or I’m nauseated, or I can barely keep my eyes open. I write whenever I can.  

I have been writing this novella trilogy off and on for five years, longer than that if you count the how is started as a movie script I worked on for the well of two and half years in high school. 

So each chapter is a celebration and maybe I treat myself with a cookie or new cup. My promise to myself if I get chapter nine finished before Friday, I am getting myself a pillow or cup. I am excited that I finished chapter eight because it makes me that close to chapter nine.

 Chapter ten is going to be the ending and really hard. It closes everything and all of thrill, suspense, and danger is adding up to that point. I want to make it really intense and as if you want to keep turning the pages. 

I love to write, with all of me. However, when feeling tired, in pain, but I push anyway, writing can be work. 


2 thoughts on “Chapter 8 is finished. Yay!

  1. Well done Rebekah! Don’t compare yourself to other writers, you are not them, you are yourself, with your own talents and experiences. These are what make your words unique, and no-one else can write them but you.
    Good luck with Camp, have fun and take care of yourself.

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