My two projects which should I do?

My first project is a collection of erotica short stories with the theme of a motel or mistress. I have written notes and outlines for stories with kinks that I have not and will not do in real life such as having a human pet, humiliation, and extreme pain. I’m also not into cages or having my sub sleep on the floor, but I will add a story. However written limits: incest, kids, animals, scat, human toilet, diapers, mommy/daddy with lils, and religion sex. 
My second project is a therapy novel (sequel of my first book The Whispering Path) in which  I talk about my ex fighting for dominance and cheating on me. I make him the player that he really wanted to be.

I’ve been writing notes on each.  I need to outline the second project.
I’m thinking I might work on both just to constantly keep writing or work one in July and the other in August.
Which should I work on ?


One thought on “My two projects which should I do?

  1. Hmmm…. That’s quite the choice to make. I am always multi tasking between my many erotica stories, my new diary style (sex) blog, as well as my only non sexual project, Junkie Confessional focusing on life thru the eyes of a Heroin Addict.

    While I sometimes am struck by driving motivation towards one project or the other, more often than not I have to find a balance between all three.

    It sounds like the slight difference between us is that I am very, very passionate about all three. Another think I noticed is you directly mention writing about things that you would never actually want to experience. This makes me wonder if you will be able to appropriately address subject matter with which you have no real life experience in as well as no desire to try. I write the subjects I feel most passionately about. Generally, that includes some real life experience alongside a large amount of research and study.

    I guess that is not much help but maybe it will lead you in the right direction!

    Yours Truly,


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