Current events

Okay on my office  is a bed. . . That is itchy and sheets don’t fit right.

My writing tool is my mom’s tablet since my computer fell out of the window and busted. I have a back up computer, but I need to buy a power cord.

I have my pens and paper. . . They have never let me down. I did have to rewrite a few times, because of rip or spillage. 

My biggest problem is that some days I have all this energy and the next few days I’m down sleeping 12 to 16 hours a day. Why does this keep happening to me?

I’m writing just hoping to finish my novella and work on my many stories I have ideas for.

I finished chapter 6 out 10 on my novellas dances. I’m working on chapter 7 today. 

I color and play games like candy crush and pet rescue saga when I cannot focus on my writing. 


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