Stuck. . . and it Sucks.

I have been trying to write every day. However there a just time I feel jammed . . . . trapped . . .  Blocked.  I feel as stuck as I am when I play Sonic The Hedgehog in the casino level and I keep getting stuck in the bouncy valleys.


I feel like I see these ideas on the mountain. . . they are the top just toying with me: they are teasing me, haunting me. They wanted me to climb and get to them. . . . I want to write them. I want to be at the top looking at the view, facing my fear of heights, and just writing for hour and hours of undisturbed, not distracted time. 
However I am stuck.. . . it’s raining, and pieces of mountain are falling at me. Sometimes, I think the boulders knock me out whether it’s for a moment, hours, or even days. . . Sometimes the idea is still there, sometimes not.

Another issues. . . I get distracted at the bottom of the mountain. . . I find flowers or a river . . . maybe even a strange hiker.

Yes, this is all a figurative, of course. I feel like my writing, muses, inspiration is all  stuck on a mountain. How do I get to the top? How do I get back to my writing? How to get from being stuck?


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