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I posted a rant. . . How

I have to say that I enjoyed the pep talk I got from Satin Sheet Diva.(I really do appreciate the chat.)

Celebrate those 140 words; take the pressure of someone else’s “can” off of yours. Do what YOU CAN and then celebrate having gotten it done. If, with all that’s going on for you right now, you find that you are awake and motivated for just a few minutes, then write for that few minutes and move on with your day. It’s about YOUR best, not how you compare to someone else. I write when I FEEL like writing, I don’t force it, I don’t berate myself because I don’t ‘feel’ like it on the same schedule as someone else. You are a writer and you will get the story told. There’s nothing wrong with living life at the same time:-). Hope this helped. Hugs and sending you healing vibes.

By Satin Sheet Diva

I said. . . I really appreciate the stern but positive pep talk. I need to remember the race in the end is only with myself. It’s not like I am writing the exact same thing as the John Doe, and I have to get it out by yesterday.

It reminds me of this thing I hear in high school. . .

Don’t waste your time on jealousy. Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind. The race is long and, in the end, it’s only with yourself.

Wear Sunscreen

By Mary Schmich of the Chicago Tribune This is the link for the entire speech. I love it, but I keep forgetting about it when I need it.

I need to realize that whether I get 140 words or 10,000 words written it’s a victory. It is just that closer to the finish version of my book, story, or blog.
I just get so easily discouraged when I hear someone has their tenth book published with their third publisher. It makes me think I am not good enough.

The thing is I need to manage my time better. I have gotten lazy and just unmotivated. I need to find some inspiration and just dive in.

Again thank you Satin Sheets Diva for giving me a pep talk. . . for my other readers. . . check out her blog. (The link is below her quote.)


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