Day 4

I should be at 6,000 words today, but I can home exhausted. First three days, I was doing so well. . . getting 4,587 by the end of day three.  However day four just make me stop. . . I felt like I hit an invisible brick wall.
It always gives me anxiety when I know I am backed up. I need a day that just lets me get caught up. I just feel so much pressure. . . clean the house, eat, sleep, do errands, clean the house. . . . this is driving me. I feel like the only time for me it at 11 pm to 3 am and then I sleep too late.

My average day

Get up (9, 10 am)
Take dogs out
Clean the bathroom (cat genie)
Get dressed
Feed dogs
Let dogs out
Feed Cats
Meds for cats
Errands maybe lunch
Clean the house
Let dogs out
Make dinner
Clean kitchen
Cat litter (down stairs)
Clean off table
Computer time if I can focus
Feed cats
Chat with my guy

I have hand written some things and typed them up. Maybe I should do that.



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