One Less Distraction. . .

I have good news and bad news. . .

I have a site where I chat to others and still post stories/blogs. . .
It’s called Experience Project. I have been there off and on since 2009.

I have mentioned it in many other blogs (usually about distractions.)

Anyway, as of April 21 it’s taking a pause which I think will end up being a permanent thing. I have read a few things about the site getting in trouble for murder/suicide. I also think they are in legal trouble for minors talking to with adults about adult/mature situations. I think it should stay an adult site.

The good news is now I will not be so distracted with the site.

The bad news is that I may be lonely or not have a secret place to release . . . (Maybe I should just stick to my blogs and diary.)
It did give me ideas. . . but I am sure I can find prompts other places.

I think I should move on . . . or maybe I will eventually see what is out there (in the world).


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