Bait and Switch

For one of my project I have written over 75 characters, yes they are vampires. I wrote them, created their world in my head and have been adding to it for the last eight years. . . I usually try to keep it a secret, because I am afraid someone taking my ideas for my characters.

When I get excited about something with it, I usually tell a close friend or two. Usually someone I believe at the time I could trust. I trusted my ex with one of the characters. . . in fact, he took a liking and even named him.

Anyway, my ex helped me with one character that I am very intrigued with and now he wants me to change his name. . .
I named all of them years ago (2008) when started the outlines and character sketches. . .
I have known their names for 8 years now.
I feel like they are family in my head.
I feel weird to change his name. I feel like I am hiding him. I love the strength and simplicity of that character and the name fit just right. It was a short and simple name. I am afraid in even saying it now would cause panic and drama.

I know I have to. . . my ex threatened to sue. However. . . so now new project figuring out a better name for a strong, simple man.

And yet again, this why I write alone.



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