Whose with Who?

When I read a book or watch a movie  I have to like or be interested in the character. . .  These links and blog is all about my experience with characters. . .


I have many fictional/celebrity crushes. . .

Characters I’ve liked in the past. . .



I even had a crush on of my characters that I created named Lyric. Physically he was everything I wanted in a guy, but he was jerk. He only really cared about himself. . . I really want to reedit that book, because I was so stuck on him that my book has a section of him and my main female character Lucy. Lucy was supposed to be with Valin . . . not Lyric. Lucy and I both are draw to Lyric, so I might write a few stories about them or make The Whispering Path into a Trilogy. . . It just depends on what my muses want to do with it.


This is inspired by one of my first celebrity crushes. . . Jonathan Brandis (RIP)



Some links for my Fanfiction. . .  (I write when I get stuck with my own work.)








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