Personal Rejection Letter

Here is the one thing I will give my ex . . . he supported my writings. (Yeah, sure he wanted majority of the credit when I did majority of the work, but he did always supported my writing.)

Yesterday, I was told that I am writing too much and that it is very unhealthy for me. I have never been so shocked and hurt at once. The worst problem is that she is one of the most positive people I know. I looked up at her, and those damn words just hurt. . . “Medically speaking, as much as you write is not healthy. . .” EXCUSE ME, I am a WRITER! HELLLO!
I just thought out of all of the people in that would have supported . . . she would have hope and positivity for me. . . she was the most positive person I know. WTH?

Then she had the nerve to say that I was too sensitive. . . I have only been writing and creating books since I was in the first grade. (Young Authors). . . I have the right be sensitive. I have been writing like this for 20 plus years and you just now tell me I am writing too much. SCREW YOU!

I just feel it’s like getting a rejection letter saying. . .

F’Off Dreaming Writer,

Give up all hope. . . You will never make it. You’re life isn’t exciting enough. Shut up and take your meds! Lock yourself up and abandon all hope. You are lucky enough I took ten minutes out of my busy day to tell you that you suck. 


Who Cares Publisher


This is what I say. . . I will be writing for myself. If I feel it is good enough for the public to read, then I will publish it . . . Anyone who get in my way will be punished in at least one of my novels. The WRITER: Rebekah Quinne has spoken!


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