I have been busy! My writing has been slowed down . . . all because my kitty is sick. L He is prone to upper respiratory infections. He could barely breathe out of his mouth for several days. He didn’t want to eat, and was barely drinking. He scared us for a few days.  He have him on meds and very expensive food, but it helps his immune system. He has been eating it for several days, and it has cleared up.
He is doing so much better now. He is getting so big. He is eating next to me while I am typing this.

I am also trying to keep my room clean, so that I don’t have to use an entire weekend to get it clean. However I do plan to work on it a little each day, so I do not have too much to do.

I have been writing at least 1 hour everyday so that is good. However I have been getting distracted a lot. It took me a week to get some of my blogs up. . . I should be able to get them up the same day that I am writing them. (The thing is my family is my least distraction . . . it’s the Internet, just keep pulling me away.)

BeFunky Collage distraction

Well, I have to post this and finish folding the laundry.


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