52 Pick Up (Pen Edition)

I’ve been cleaning my room, and the thing you discover a writer’s room is how many pens that they have. . . They were everywhere. . . They were on the floor, in the bins, on the table, on the desk, in my bed, in my pillow etc. I have three different boxes for my pens, and they are almost full. (I actually up graded sizes in August.)

I feel I never have enough pens, pencils or notebooks. (I know I have more than I need at the moment, but it is a cheap, twisted obsession . . .) I have to tell myself at the stores, “NO, I have enough.” I need to go through my bins of writing and get the majority on the computer as it is. . .

I have multi-colors in pens. . . My favorite are Bics. I like the ball-point better than the gels. The gel pens just either dry out or explode too fast. This may drive someone crazy. However, to me, an accomplishment is to write with a pen until it dries out, and Bics take forever (at least two entire notebooks).  I think the most pens to go out on me are seven, but I now use my computer just as much so the pens do not go out.  I usually average a notebook a month. I write lists, ideas, pieces of my work, or short stories, poems, etc.


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