Empathetic Road

Many author writers focus on plot—they want the reader go on the journey and to see the obstacles and conflict within the story.

I love to focus on the characters—I like to believe in people. (I like to think just because I have found a few bad apples in my life that the majority of the living are trying to do good at heart. It has taken a few lessons in this . . .  Just today, someone kind of opened my eyes . . . thanks Sean.)

I want my readers to love and/or hate my characters, because either way they are reading my book and talking about them.  I want characters relatable and believable. (For example, one of my characters looks like or relates to someone else’s ex. This was a pure accident, but I could see why they probably wouldn’t like them. )

I want my readers to laugh with my characters, to cry with my characters. I just want them to feel what my characters are going through. My stories are like empathetic shoes for my characters. . . (Going with the saying, “Until you walk a mile in another person’s shoes, do you even begin to understand them.”) As a person and a writer, I am very empathetic towards my characters, and hope the readers can be the same. (Yes, I cry when I kill certain characters off, and I yell at my book when my muses and character take it a different direction. I am weird and crazy, I know.)

I feel in the end people is what makes the world important . . .  You are either doing something for someone else, yourself or both.


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